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Side Effects


Renal: See WARNINGS.

Gastrointestinal: Most patients treated with ZANOSAR (streptozocin) have experienced severe nausea and vomiting, occasionally requiring discontinuation of drug therapy. Some patients experienced diarrhea. A number of patients have experienced hepatic toxicity, as characterized by elevated liver enzyme (SGOT and LDH) levels and hypoalbuminemia.

Hematological: Hematological toxicity has been rare, most often involving mild decreases in hematocrit values. However, fatal hematological toxicity with substantial reductions in leukocyte and platelet count has been observed.

Metabolic: Mild to moderate abnormalities of glucose tolerance have been noted in some patients treated with ZANOSAR (streptozocin) . These have generally been reversible, but insulin shock with hypoglycemia has been observed.

Genitourinary: Two cases of nephrogenic diabetes insipidus following therapy with ZANOSAR (streptozocin) have been reported. One had spontaneous recovery and the second responded to indomethacin.

Post-marketing experience: Spontaneous reports have been received of local inflammation (i.e., edema, erythema, burning, tenderness) following extravasation of the product. In most cases, these events resolved the same day or within a few days.

Read the Zanosar (streptozocin) Side Effects Center for a complete guide to possible side effects


ZANOSAR (streptozocin) may demonstrate additive toxicity when used in combination with other cytotoxic drugs. Streptozocin has been reported to prolong the elimination half-life of doxorubicin and may lead to severe bone marrow suppression; a reduction of the doxorubicin dosage should be considered in patients receiving ZANOSAR concurrently. The concurrent use of streptozocin and phenytoin has been reported in one case to result in reduced streptozocin cytotoxicity.

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Side Effects

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