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ADHD in Children: Better Parenting

ADHD often affects children learning in school.
ADHD symptoms in children are commonly noticed in the classroom.
ADHD is emotionally taxing.
A mom shows concern for her daughter.
Raising children with ADHD can be challenging.
ADHD is common in both boys and girls.
Children with ADHD benefit from schedules.
Setting boundaries can help children with ADHD.
Change the way you talk to kids with ADHD.
Learn to discipline a child with ADHD.
A time-out may help calm down children with ADHD.
Ignore negative ADHD behaviors when children act out.
Organization for children with ADHD.
Eliminate distractions for ADHD children.
Set real goals to overcome ADHD.
Slowing kids with ADHD down.
Help out your student with ADHD.
Better nutrition can help kids with ADHD.
Exercise can help kids with ADHD be healthier.
Sleep can enhance ADHD treatments.
A mother kisses her son.
Parents of ADHD children needs to take care of themselves too.

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Reviewed by Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

ADHD in Children: Better Parenting

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