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Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial Vaginosis

What are signs and symptoms of bacterial vaginosis?

Many women with bacterial vaginosis have no signs or symptoms at all. When symptoms do occur, the most common include:

  1. An abnormal amount of vaginal discharge
  2. The vaginal discharge is thin and grayish white.
  3. Vaginal odor (foul-smelling or unpleasant fishy odor)
  4. The vaginal discharge and odor are often more noticeable after sexual intercourse.
  5. Pain with sexual intercourse or urination (rare symptoms).

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, if present, can occur any time in the menstrual cycle, including before, during, or after the menstrual period. The amount of vaginal discharge that is considered normal varies from woman to woman. Therefore, any degree of vaginal discharge that is abnormal for a particular woman should be evaluated.

Can you get bacterial vaginosis from a sexual partner?

The term "vaginosis" refers to a vaginal abnormality; therefore a male cannot "get" bacterial vaginosis. However, female sex partners of women with bacterial vaginosis may want to consider being evaluated because it can spread to female partners.

Reviewed on 10/25/2016
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