Definition of Bougienage

Reviewed on 3/29/2021

Bougienage: A procedure involving the use of a bougie. A bougie is a thin cylinder of rubber, plastic, metal or another material that a physician inserts into or though a body passageway, such as the esophagus, to widen the passageway, guide another instrument into a passageway, or dislodge an object. An alternate spelling of "bougienage" is "bouginage."

Bougies are available in a wide range of sizes and degrees of flexibility. They may consist only of a simple cylinder. The cylinder may be equipped with such devices as: (1) an inflatable balloon to apply pressure against obstructions or narrowed walls; (2) a gauge to measure the pressure applied by the balloon; (3) a wire that is positioned at the site of a stricture, blockage or another problem to guide other instruments into the passageway; (4) a channel through which dye can be injected so that a site can be identified on a fluoroscope and (5) a light to illuminate a passageway for examination.


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