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Cold and Flu: Finding Relief for Your Cough

Many natural remedies and over-the-counter and prescription medications soothe coughs.
Honey and lemon juice in water is a popular, effective home remedy for cough.
An expectorant can help you get rid of mucus.
Cough drops can help suppress a dry cough.
Ask the pediatrician what kind of cough remedy is appropriate for your child.
Antibiotics are only appropriate if a bacterial infection is causing your cough.
Asthma and allergies may make you cough.
Smoking may lead to a chronic cough.
See your doctor to diagnose the cause of a chronic cough.
Some symptoms along with cough may signal a more serious underlying condition.

Alzheimer's Disease

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Weight Control and Smoking Cessation

Could I Be Allergic?


Reviewed by Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cold and Flu: Finding Relief for Your Cough

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