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Picture of Stretch Marks: White Striae, Axilla

Picture of Stretch Marks: White Striae, Axilla.

Striae distensae, more commonly known as “stretch marks,” are atrophic linear bands of skin that appear after certain precipitating factors such as pregnancy, steroid use, and dramatic changes in weight or muscle mass. At presentation, they feature a purple or pink color (striae rubra) that fades to a paler white (striae alba) over time. They are most common in adult women.

White striae, axilla. Prominent atrophy, textural changes, and depigmentation are observed.

Text Source: Color Atlas of Cosmetic Dermatology Marc R. Avram, Sandy Tsao, Zeina Tannous, Mathew M. Avram Copyright 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.