Drug interactions with meperidine inj and dextromethorphan-guaifenesin oral

meperidine inj brand names and other generic formulations include:

Demerol Inj

All generic drug interactions for meperidine inj (lists will include brand and generic names):

dextromethorphan-guaifenesin oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

2/G-DM Oral, Acatuss DM Oral, Adult Cough Formula DM Max Oral, Adult Robitussin Peak Cold DM Max Oral, Adult Robitussin Peak Cold DM Oral, Adult Tussin Cough Congestion DM Oral, Adult Tussin DM Oral, Adult Wal-Tussin DM Max Oral, Albatussin DM Pediatric Oral, Alka-Seltzer Plus Mucus-Congestion Oral, Allfen DM Oral, Altarussin DM Oral, AMBI 1000-55 Oral, Ameritussin DM Oral, Ameritussin DM Pediatric Oral, Amibid DM Oral, Amquintussin DM Oral, Anti-Tuss DM Oral, Antitussin DM Oral, Antitussive DM Oral, Aquabid-DM Oral, AQUATAB DM Oral, Baytussin DM Oral, Benylin Expectorant Oral, Benylin-DME Oral, Bidex-A Oral, Bidex-DM Oral, Bidex-DMI Oral, Biocotron Oral, Biospec DMX Oral, Biotuss-DM Oral, Bowtussin DM Oral, Broncotron Oral, Broncotron-S Oral, Bronkisan Oral, Brontuss LA Oral, Ceritussin-DM Oral, Cheracol D Oral, Cheratussin DM Oral, Chest Congestion Relief + DM Oral, Chest Congestion-Cough Relief Oral, Child Chest Congestion + Cough Oral, Child Mucus Relief Cough Oral, Child Triaminic Cough-Congestion Oral, Children Delsym Cough+Chest Congestion DM Oral, Children's Formula Oral, Children's Mucinex Cough Oral, Clear Cough DM Oral, Clear Cough Oral, Clear Tussin 30 Oral, Codistan No.1 Oral, Cofex-DM Oral, Cotuss DM Oral, Cough Control DM Max Oral, Cough Control DM Oral, Cough DM Oral, Cough Formula DM Clear Oral, Cough Formula DM Oral, Cough Formula Expectorant DM Oral, Cough Formula-DM Oral, Cough Suppressant-Expectorant Oral, Cough Syrup DM Oral, Cough-Chest Congestion DM Oral, Cough-Ex Oral, Creo-Terpin (dextromethorphan-guaifenesin) Oral, Daytime Mucus Relief DM Oral, Delsym Cough+Chest Congestion DM Oral, Dex GG Oral, Dextro-Tuss GG Oral, Dex-Tuss DM Oral, Diabetic Dm Oral, Diabetic Formula Supress-Expec Oral, Diabetic Siltussin-DM Max Str Oral, Diabetic Siltussin-DM Oral, Diabetic Tussin DM Max Str Oral, Diabetic Tussin DM Oral, Diabetic Tussin Max St Oral, Dia-Tuss Oral, Dilituss Oral, DM Cough Formula Oral, DM Max Oral, DM Oral, DM-Guai Oral, Dometuss Dm Oral, Double-Tussin DM Oral, Drituss DM Oral, DuraDEX Forte Oral, DuraDEX Oral, DuraGanidin DM Oral, Duratuss DM Oral, Entab DM Oral, ExeFen-DM Oral, Expectorant DM Oral, Extuss LA Oral, Fenasyn DM Oral, Fenesin DM IR Oral, Fenesin DM Oral, Fenex DM Oral, Formula-Dm Cough Syrup Oral, G Bid DM Oral, Gani-Tuss DM NR Oral, G-BID DM TR Oral, Genatuss DM Oral, Genedotuss-DM Oral, Geri-Tussin DM Oral, G-Fenesin DM Oral, GFN 1000/DM 60 Oral, GFN 1000-DM 50 Oral, GFN 1200/DM 60 Oral, GFN 500-DM 30 Oral, GFN 800-DM 30 Oral, Glyatuss-DM Oral, Glycotuss-DM Oral, Glydm Oral, Gripex DM Oral, G-Tron Oral, G-Tussin DM Oral, Guai 800-DM 30 Oral, Guaiasorb DM Oral, Guaiasorb Oral, Guaiatussin DM Oral, Guaibid DM Oral, Guaicon DM Oral, Guaicon DMS Oral, Guai-Dex Oral, Guaidex-TR Oral, Guaifenesin DM Oral, Guaifenesin-DM NR Oral, Guaifenesin-DM Oral, Guaifenex DM Oral, Guaificon DM Oral, Guaispan DM Oral, Guiacough DM Oral, Guia-D Oral, Guiadrine DM Oral, Guiadrine DX Oral, Guiamid DM Oral, Guiatuss Clear DM Oral, Guiatuss Clear Oral, Guiatuss DM Oral, Guiatuss-Bertuss DM Oral, Guiatussin DM Oral, Gutatuss-DM Oral, G-Zyncof Oral, Halotussin DM Oral, Halotussin-DM Oral, Harbertussin DM Oral, HT-Tuss DM Oral, Humibid CS Oral, Humigen DM Oral, Hydro-Tussin DM Oral, Intense Cough Oral, Intense Cough Reliever Oral, Iobid DM Oral, Iofen-DM NF Oral, Iophen DM Oral, Iophen DM-NR Oral, Ken Tuss DM Oral, Kita La Tos-DM Oral, Kolephrin-GG-DM Oral, Komatussin DM Oral, Kosher Care DM Oral, Liquitussin-DM Oral, Lotussin DM Oral, Mastussin DM Oral, Maxi-Tuss DM Oral, Medikoff Sugar-Free Oral, Medi-Tuss DM Oral, Medi-Tussin DM Diabetic Oral, Medi-Tussin DM Oral, Mindal DM Oral, Mintab DM Oral, Monafed DM Oral, Monatuss-DM Cough Oral, Mucinex Cough Mini-Melts Oral, Mucinex Cough Oral, Mucinex DM Oral, Mucinex Fast-Max DM Max Oral, Mucobid Dm Oral, Muco-Fen 800 DM Oral, Muco-Fen DM Oral, Mucosa DM Oral, Mucus And Cough Relief Oral, Mucus DM Max Oral, Mucus DM Oral, Mucus Relief Cough Oral, Mucus Relief DM Max Oral, Mucus Relief DM Oral, Murtuss GG Oral, Mytussin DM Oral, Naldecon Dx Oral, Naldecon Senior DX Oral, Naldelate Senior Dx Oral, Nalspan Senior DX Oral, Neo-Tuss Oral, Nolamine Dex Oral, Nortuss-Ex Oral, Numobid DX Oral, Nuprin Cold Rel Cough & Chest Oral, Orgadin-Tuss DM Oral, Ortac DM Oral, Partuss DM Oral, Pecgen DMX Oral, Phanatuss DM Oral, Pharmatuss DM Oral, Pharm-A-Tussin W/DM Oral, Phenadex Senior Oral, Phlemex Oral, Pulexn DM Oral, Pulmovital Oral, Q-Bid DM Oral, Q-Tussin DM Oral, Rantussin-N Oral, Recofen Caps Oral, Recofen D Oral, Recofen Plus Oral, Refenesen DM Oral, Relacon LAX Oral, Respa DM Oral, Rhinosyn-DMX Oral, Ri-Tussin DM Oral, Robafen DM Clear Oral, Robafen DM Cough Oral, Robafen DM Cough-Chest Congestion Oral, Robafen DM Max Oral, Robafen DM Oral, Robelene Dm Oral, Robichem DM Oral, Robitussin Cough-Chest Congestion DM Oral, Robitussin DM Infant Drops Oral, Robitussin DM Max Oral, Robitussin DM To Go Oral, Robitussin-Cough-Chest-Congestion Oral, Robitussin-DM Oral, Rome-Tuss DM Oral, Romex 'Jr' Oral, Ru-Tuss 800 DM Oral, Safe Tussin 30 Oral, Safe Tussin DM Oral, Scot-Tussin DM2 Oral, Scot-Tussin Senior Oral, Siltussin DM DA Oral, Siltussin DM DAS Oral, Siltussin-DM Oral, Simuc-DM Oral, Sorbugen NR Oral, Sortuss Oral, Sudal DM Oral, Super Tussin DM Clear Oral, Super Tussin DM Oral, Supress DM Oral, Supressin Dm Oral, Su-Tuss DM Oral, Syracol-Cf Oral, Tab Tussin DM Oral, Tolu-Sed DM Oral, Touro DM Oral, Tri-Dec Dx Senior Oral, TRISPEC DMX Oral, TRISPEC DMX Pediatric Oral, Troutman's DM Oral, T-Tussin DM Oral, Tusibron DM Oral, Tusnel Diabetic Oral, Tusscidin DM Oral, Tusscidin-D Oral, Tussex DM Oral, Tussibid Oral, Tussi-bid Oral, Tussid DM Oral, Tussiden DM Oral, Tussidin Dm NR Oral, Tussin Cough &Chest Congestion Oral, Tussin Cough DM Oral, Tussin DM Clear Oral, Tussin DM Cough & Chest Oral, Tussin DM Cough Medicine Oral, Tussin DM Cough Oral, Tussin DM Max Oral, Tussin DM Oral, TUSSI-ORGANIDIN DM NR Oral, TUSSI-ORGANIDIN DM-S NR Oral, TUSSITAB Oral, Ultra DM Free & Clear Oral, Ultra Tuss Safe Oral, Uni-Tussin DM Oral, Vicks Dayquil Mucus Control DM Oral, Vicks Formula 44E Oral, Vicks Nature Fusion Cough & Chest Cong Oral, Vicks Pediatric 44E Oral, Vita-Numonyl DM Oral, Wal-Tussin DM Clear Oral, Wal-Tussin DM Oral, Z-Cof LA Oral, Z-Cof LAX Oral, Zotex DMX Oral, Zyncof Oral

All generic drug interactions for dextromethorphan-guaifenesin oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
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Potential for serious interaction; regular monitoring by your doctor required or alternate medication may be needed


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Interaction is unlikely, minor, or nonsignificant

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