Drug interactions with metoclopramide inj and acetaminophen oral

metoclopramide inj brand names and other generic formulations include:

Octamide Pfs Inj, Reglan Inj

All generic drug interactions for metoclopramide inj (lists will include brand and generic names):

acetaminophen oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

8 HOUR PAIN RELIEVER Oral, Aceta Childrens Oral, Aceta Oral, AcetaDrink Oral, Acetaminophen Extra Strength Oral, Acetaminophen Infant Oral, Acetaminophen Jr Oral, Acetaminophen Jr. Oral, Acetaminophen Non Aspirin Oral, Acetaminophen Pain Relief Oral, Acetanol Oral, Acetynol Oral, Actamin Maximum Strength Oral, Alba-Temp 300 Oral, Albatemp Oral, Amdol 500 Oral, Amdol 650 Oral, Aminol Oral, Anacin A.F. Oral, Anacin-3 Oral, Anarol Oral, Andol 500 Oral, Andol 650 Oral, Anthenol Oral, Antic Oral, Apacet Oral, Apanol Oral, Apapedyn Oral, Aphen Oral, Apra Oral, Apronal Oral, Arthritis Pain Formula A-F Oral, Arthritis Pain Relief (acetaminophen) Oral, Aspirin Free Children's Elixir Oral, Aspirin Free Childs Oral, Aspirin Free Extra Strength Oral, Aspirin Free Pain Relief Oral, Aspirin-Free Children's Oral, Aspirin-Free Infant Oral, Aspirin-Free Oral, Aspirin-Free Pain Relief Oral, Aspirin-Free Relief Oral, Aspirnil Oral, Banesin Oral, Banigesic Oral, Bayapap Oral, BetaTemp Oral, Biolenol Oral, Biophen Oral, Child APAP Oral, Child Non-Aspirin Oral, Child Non-Aspirin Pain Relief Oral, Child Non-Aspirin Quick Melts Oral, Child Pain & Fever Relief Oral, Child Pain Relief F Oral, Child Pain Relief Oral, Child Pain Reliever No Aspirin Oral, Children's Acetaminophen Oral, Children's Aspirin Free Oral, Children's Easy-Melts Oral, Children's Elixir Oral, Children's Mapap Oral, Children's Medi-Tabs Oral, Children's Non-Aspirin Oral, Children's Non-Aspirin Pain Oral, Children's Pain & Fever Relief Oral, Children's Pain Relief Oral, Children's Pain Reliever Oral, Children's Q-PAP Oral, Children's Relief Oral, Children's Silapap Oral, Children's Sudoprin Oral, Children's Tactinal Oral, Children's Triaminic Fever Reducer Oral, Children's Tylenol Meltaways Oral, Children's Tylenol Oral, Child's Accudial Acetaminophen Oral, Childs Aspirin Free Oral, Child's Pain Relief Oral, Childs Pain Reliever Oral, Conacetol Oral, Dapa X-S Oral, Datril Extra Strength Oral, Datril Extra-Strength Oral, Dolono Infants Oral, Dolono Oral, Dypap Oral, Ed-APAP Oral, ElixSure Fever-Pain Oral, Etnapa Oral, Ex-Prin Child Oral, Ex-Prin Extra Strength Oral, Ex-Prin For Children Oral, Ex-Prin Infant Oral, Ex-Prin Junior Strength Oral, Ex-Prin Oral, Ex-Strength Medi-Tabs Oral, Extended Pain Relief Oral, Febrigesic Oral, Febrol Oral, Fendon Oral, Fever Reducer & Pain Reliever Oral, Feverall Sprinkle Caps Child Oral, Feverall Sprinkle Caps Jr Str Oral, Feverall Sprinkle Childrens Oral, Feverall Sprinkle Oral, Fever-X Oral, Genapap Childrens Oral, Genapap Extra Strength Oral, Genapap Infant Oral, Genapap Oral, Genebs Oral, Gensan-M Oral, Gericet Oral, Halenol Oral, Infant Acetaminophen Oral, Infant Fever Reducer-Pain Relief Oral, Infant Non Aspirin Pain Relief Oral, Infant Non-ASA Oral, Infant Pain Reliever Oral, Infantaire Oral, Infant's Acetaminophen Oral, Infants Aspirin Free Oral, Infants Concentrated Oral, Infants Mapap Oral, Infant's Non-Aspirin Oral, Infants' Pain & Fever Oral, Infants' Pain Relief Oral, Infant's Pain Relief Oral, Infant's Pain Reliever Oral, Infants Silapap Oral, Infants' Triaminic Fever Oral, Infant's Tylenol Oral, Jr Str Non-Aspirin Quick Melts Oral, Jr. Acetaminophen Oral, Jr. Str Non-Aspirin Pain Oral, Jr. Strength Pain Reliever Oral, Jr. Tylenol Meltaways Oral, Junior Mapap Oral, Komaphen Oral, Kosher Care Liquid Oral, Liquiprin Oral, Little Fevers Oral, Little Remedies Fever & Pain Reliever Oral, Lopap Children Oral, Mapap (acetaminophen) Oral, Mapap Arthritis Pain Oral, Mapap Children's Oral, Mapap Drops Oral, Mapap Extra Strength Oral, Mapap Infants' Oral, Mapap Jr Oral, Mapap Junior Strength Oral, Mardol Oral, Masophen Oral, Maxapap Maximum Strength Oral, Maxapap Regular Strength Oral, Medi-Tabs Pain Reliever Oral, Mejoral Oral, Mejoralito Oral, Myapap Oral, Nilprin Oral, No Aspirin Oral, No Prin Oral, No-Aspirin Oral, Non Aspirin Extended Release Oral, NON-ASPIRIN 8 HOUR Oral, Non-Aspirin Childrens Oral, Non-Aspirin Children's Oral, Non-Aspirin Elixir Oral, Non-Aspirin Extra Strength Oral, Non-Aspirin Infant Oral, Non-Aspirin Infant Pain Relief Oral, Non-Aspirin Infants Oral, Non-Aspirin Jr Strength Oral, Non-Aspirin Pain Relief Ex Strength Oral, Non-Aspirin Pain Relief Oral, Non-Aspirin Pain Reliever Oral, Nortemp Oral, Nysacetol Oral, Oraphen-Pd Oral, Orbigesic Oral, Pain & Fever Oral, Pain Relief Adult Oral, Pain Relief Cool Ice Oral, Pain Relief Infant Drops Oral, Pain Relief Junior Strength Oral, Pain Relief Regular Strength Oral, Pain Relief W/o Aspirin X-Strength Oral, Pain Relief Without Aspirin Oral, Pain Reliever Child Oral, Pain Reliever Extra Strength Oral, Pain Reliever Jr Strength Oral, Pain Reliever Non-Aspirin Oral, Pain Reliever Oral, Pain Reliever W/o Aspirin Oral, Pain Reliever W/Out Aspirin Oral, Pain Reliever Without Aspirin Oral, Pain Relieving (acetaminophen) Oral, Pain-Eze + Oral, Pain-Eze+/Rheu-Thritis Oral, Panadol Children's Oral, Panadol Extra Strength Oral, Panadol Jr Oral, Panadol Maximum Strength Oral, Panex Oral, Panex-500 Oral, Papadyne Oral, Par 5 Oral, Par 500 Oral, Paracet Oral, Paracetamol Oral, Paramol Oral, Parten Oral, PediaCare Fever Reducer Oral, Pediapap Oral, Pedric Oral, Pedric Senior Oral, Pharbetol Oral, Phenaphen Oral, Pyregesic Oral, Q-Nol ES Oral, Q-Nol Oral, Q-PAP Extra Strength Oral, Q-PAP Oral, Redutemp Oral, Senior Choice Oral, Shake That Ache Oral, Silapap Oral, S-T Febrol Oral, St. Joseph Asa-Free Children's Oral, St. Joseph Aspirin-Free Adult Oral, St. Joseph Fever Reducer Oral, St. Joseph Oral, Stanback AF Oral, Tactinal Extra Strength Oral, Tactinal Oral, Tapanol Oral, Tempra 1 Oral, Tempra 2 Oral, Tempra 3 Oral, Tempra Oral, Tenol (acetaminophen) Oral, T-Painol Extra Strength Oral, T-Painol Oral, T-Panol Oral, Triaminic Fever Reducer Oral, Tylagesic Oral, Tylapap Oral, Tylaprin Oral, Tylenol 8 Hour Oral, Tylenol Arthritis Oral, Tylenol Arthritis Pain Oral, Tylenol Children's Oral, Tylenol Ex Str Arthritis Pain Oral, Tylenol Extended Release Oral, Tylenol Extra Strength Oral, Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Oral, Tylenol For Children Oral, Tylenol Jr Strength Oral, Tylenol Junior Oral, Tylenol Oral, Tylenol Sore Throat Oral, Tylephen Oral, Tylogen Oral, Tylophen Oral, Tyltabs Oral, Ty-Pap Oral, Typhen Oral, Ty-Tab Oral, Un-Aspirin Oral, Uni-Ace Oral, Valacin Oral, Valadol Oral, Vitapap Oral, Yacemol Extra Strength Oral

All generic drug interactions for acetaminophen oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
MinorInteraction is unlikely, minor, or nonsignificant

metoclopramide inj and acetaminophen oral

metoclopramide inj increases levels of acetaminophen oral by enhancing stomach and intestinal absorption.

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MinorMinor/Significance Unknown.

metoclopramide inj and acetaminophen oral

metoclopramide inj increases levels of acetaminophen oral by enhancing GI absorption. Applies only to oral form of both agents.

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