Drug interactions with phenylephrine-dm-guaifenesin oral and chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan oral

phenylephrine-dm-guaifenesin oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

Actidom DMX Oral, Adult Robitussin M-S Cold Oral, Adult Robitussin Peak Cold M-S Oral, Adult Tussin Multi-Symptom Cold Oral, Alatuss Oral, Altipres Oral, Altipres Pediatric Oral, Ambi 10PEH-400GFN-20DM Oral, AMBI 40-1000-60 (PE) Oral, Anextuss Oral, Aquanaz Oral, Bio T Pres Oral, Bio T Pres Pediatric Oral, Biobron DX Oral, Biobron SF Oral, Biocotron-D Oral, Biodesp DM Oral, Biogil Oral, BioGtuss NF Oral, Bio-S-Pres Dx Oral, Biotuss Oral, Biotuss Pediatric Oral, Broncopectol NN SR Oral, Broncotron PED Oral, Brontuss DX Oral, Brontuss SF Oral, Children Mucinex Congestion-Cough Oral, Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Oral, Child's Mucus Relief M-S Cold Oral, Cough & Cold Mucus Relief CF Oral, Cough Control CF (phenylephrine) Oral, DACEX-DM Oral, Dacex-PE Oral, Deconex DM Oral, Deconex DMX Oral, Desgen DM Oral, Desgen Oral, Despec EDA Cough & Cold Drops Oral, Despec NR Oral, Despec-DM (phenylephrine-DM-guaifenesin) Oral, Dexafed Oral, DEXCON-DM Oral, Dexcon-PE Oral, Dometuss-DMX Oral, DuraMAX Oral, DURAPHEN DM Oral, Duraphen Forte Oral, Duraphen II DM Oral, Duravent DM Oral, Dynatuss-EX Oral, Endacon Oral, Endacon-DM Oral, Exactuss Oral, Exactuss TR Oral, ExeCof Oral, Exetuss-DM Oral, Fenasyn Dm Plus Oral, G PHEN DM Oral, G-Bronco-D Oral, GDP-EX Oral, Genantuss Oral, Genetuss Oral, Genetuss-2 Oral, GFN 1200-DM 20-PE 40 Oral, Giltuss CR Oral, Giltuss Oral, Giltuss Pediatric Oral, Giltuss TR Oral, Gripex CF Oral, G-Supress DX Oral, G-Tron PED Oral, G-Tusicof Oral, Guaifen DM Oral, Guaphen FORTE Oral, Guaphen II DM Oral, GUIAFEN II DM Oral, Maxiphen DM Oral, Maxiphen DMX Oral, Maxiphen-G DM Oral, Mucinex Fast-Max Congestion-Cough Oral, Mucus Relief Congestion-Cough Oral, NeoTuss-D (Improved Formula) Oral, Nivanex DMX Oral, Nortuss-D.E. Oral, Nortuss-DE Oral, Numobid CF Oral, PDM GG Oral, Phlemex Forte Oral, Phlemex-PE Oral, Pres Gen Oral, Pres Gen Pediatric Oral, Q-Tussin CF (PE) Oral, Quiecoff Oral, Robitussin Cough & Cold CF Max Oral, Robitussin Cough & Cold CF Oral, Robitussin M-S Cold CF Max Oral, Severe Congestion & Cough Max Oral, SINUtuss DM Oral, Supress DX Oral, TG 10PEH-380GFN-15DM Oral, TriTuss Oral, TriTuss-ER Oral, Tusicof Oral, Tussafed EX Oral, Tussaphen Oral, Tussaphen-DM Oral, Tussedyn Oral, Tussex Cough Oral, Tussex Oral, Tussidex Oral, Tussilan-G Oral, Tussin CF Cough-Cold Oral, Tussin CF MAX Oral, Tussi-Pres Oral, Tussi-Pres Pediatric Oral, Tusslin Oral, Tusso-DM Oral, Tusso-DMR Oral, Vanacof DM Oral, Wal-Tussin Cough & Cold CF Oral, Z-Dex Oral, Z-DEX Pediatric Oral, Zotex LAX Oral, Zotex Oral, Zotex-D (with DM & PE) Oral, Zotex-EX Oral, Zotex-G Oral, Zotex-LA Oral, Z-Tuss DM Oral

All generic drug interactions for phenylephrine-dm-guaifenesin oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

Aber-tuss DR Oral, AMBI 10PEH-4CPM-20DM Oral, Amerituss AD Oral, Antitussive Cough (DM) Oral, Atuss DM Oral, Atuss DR Oral, Balamine DM (chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine) Oral, Bio-B Kids Oral, Bronkids Oral, Cardec DM (phenylephrine-chlorpheniramine) Oral, Centergy DM Oral, CERON-DM Infant Oral, CERON-DM Oral, Cerose-DM Oral, Coldtuss-DR Oral, Corfen-DM Oral, CP DEC-DM Oral, C-Phen DM Oral, CPM-PE-DM Oral, DEC-CHLORPHEN DM Oral, De-Chlor DM Oral, De-Chlor DR Oral, Dex PC Oral, DM-PE-Chlor Oral, Donatussin Oral, Ed A-Hist DM Oral, ED DM Oral, Father John's Oral, Gencontuss Oral, Histadec DM Oral, Maxichlor PEH DM Oral, Mintuss DM Oral, Mintuss DR Oral, Nasohist DM Oral, NeoTuss Plus Oral, NoHist DMX Oral, NoHist-DM Oral, NoHist-PDX Oral, Norel CS Oral, Norel DM Oral, P Chlor DM Oral, Pd-Cof Oral, PE-Hist DM Oral, Phenabid DM Oral, Poly-Tussin DM Oral, Quartuss DM Oral, RE DCP Oral, Relahist-DM Oral, Reme Tussin DM Oral, RONDEC-DM (PE) Infant Oral, RONDEC-DM (PE) Oral, Rondex-DM Oral, Ru-Tuss A Oral, Rycontuss Oral, SILDEC PE-DM Oral, Sonahist DM Oral, Statuss DM Oral, TRI-DEX PE Oral, Trigofen DM Oral, Trital DM Oral, Trituss DM Oral, Tri-Vent DPC Oral, Tussilan-CL Oral, Tussplex DM Oral, Uni-Tuss DM Oral, Virdec DM Oral, Z-Dex 12D Oral, Zoden DM Oral, Zotex-12D Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
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