Medications known to have serious interactions with chlorpheniramine-pseudoephed-dm oral

Brand Names Include:

AMBI 60PSE-4CPM-20DM Oral, Amerifed DM Oral, Children's Cough-Cold Oral, Children's Nite-Time Cold Med Oral, Children's Nite-Time Oral, Children's NyQuil Cold/Cough Oral, Children's NyQuil Oral, Children's Triaminic-D MS Cold Oral, Child's Allergy Cold-Cough Oral, Childs Allergy Oral, Cold & Night Time Cough Oral, CPM-PSE DM Oral, Creomulsion Complete Oral, Creomulsion Pediatric Oral, Deltuss Oral, Esocor P Oral, Genedel Oral, HDC DM Oral, Kidkare Cough/Cold Oral, Maxichlor PSE DM Oral, M-End DM Oral, Mesehist DM Oral, Neutrahist PDX Oral, Night Time Cold/Cough Formula Oral, Nite Time Child Cough-Cold Oral, Nite Time Cold Medicine Childs Oral, Pedia Relief Cough-Cold Oral, PediaCare 3 Oral, PediaCare Cough/Cold Oral, Pediacold Oral, Pediatric Cough/Cold Formula Oral, Pedi-Atric Cough/Cold Oral, Pedi-Atric Nightrest Oral, Polyminic Night Time Oral, Rescon-DM Oral, Robitussin Pediatric Night Oral, Robitussin PM Oral, Sudatuss DM Oral, Thor Oral, Triactin Cold-Cough Oral, Triacting Cold & Cough Oral, Triacting M-Sym Cold/Cough Oral, Triaminic Cold & Cough Oral, Triaminic Cough-Cold Oral, Tussar-DM Oral, Vicks Formula 44M Pediatric Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorpheniramine-pseudoephed-dm oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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Interaction is unlikely, minor, or nonsignificant

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