Medications known to have significant interactions with aspirin-caffeine oral

Brand Names Include:

AA & C Oral, Adult Analgesic Oral, Adult Strength Analgesic Oral, Adult Strength Pain Relief Oral, Adult Strength Pain Reliever Oral, Anacin Maximum Strength Oral, Anacin Oral, Analgesic (aspirin/caffeine) Oral, Analgesic Adult Strength Oral, Anaprin Oral, Arthritis Pain Relief (ASA-aaffeine) Oral, As-Caff Oral, Aspircaf Oral, Aspirin Compound Oral, Aspirin Plus Oral, Back & Body Pain Reliever Oral, Bayer Aspirin (with Caffeine) Oral, Bayer Back & Body Oral, BC Arthritis Oral, Biocin Oral, Biosan-M Oral, CP-2 Oral, Fast Acting Pain Relief Oral, Gensan Oral, Majorcin Oral, Mejoral W/Aspirin Oral, P-A-C Analgesic Oral, P-A-C Oral, Pain Relief Fast Acting Oral, Pain Reliever (aspirin-caffeine) Oral, Q-Acin Oral, Stanback Oral, Uni-Ann Oral

All generic drug interactions for aspirin-caffeine oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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