Medications known to have significant interactions with brompheniramine-phenylephrine oral

Brand Names Include:

Alacol Oral, Alenaze-D NR Oral, Alenaze-D Oral, BPM PE Oral, Brohist D Oral, Bromax D Oral, Bromfenex PE Oral, Bromfenex PE Pediatric Oral, Brovex PB Oral, BroveX PEB Oral, Cenhist Oral, Children's Cold-Allergy (phenylephrine) Oral, Children's Dibromm Cold & Allergy Oral, Children's Triaminic Cold & Allergy Oral, Children's Wal-Tap Cold-Allergy Oral, Decon-A Oral, Dimaphen (PE) Oral, Dimetapp Cold-Allergy (PE) Oral, LoHist-PEB Oral, Respahist-II Oral, Rhinabid Oral, Rhinabid PD Oral, Ru-Hist D Oral, Rynex PE Oral, Seradex-LA Oral, Tanabid SR Oral, Vazobid-PD Oral, VaZol-D Oral, Vazotab Oral, V-Hist Oral, Zotex-PE Oral

All generic drug interactions for brompheniramine-phenylephrine oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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