Medications known to have significant interactions with brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine-dm oral

Brand Names Include:

30PSE-3BRM-15DM Oral, 40PSE-4BRM-20DM Oral, 50PSE-3BRM-30DM Oral, Accuhist DM Pediatric Oral, AllanHist PDX Infant Oral, Anaplex DM Oral, Bio-Dtuss DMX Oral, Bromadine-DM Oral, Bromaline DM Oral, Bromanate DX Oral, Bromarest Dx Oral, Bromatane DX Oral, Bromaxefed DM RF Oral, Bromdex D Oral, Brometane DX Oral, Bromfed DM Oral, Bromhist PDX Oral, Bromophed DX Oral, Bromphen DX Oral, Bromphenex DM Oral, Brompheniramine Cough Oral, Brompheniramine Oral, Bromplex DM Oral, Brotane Dx Oral, Brotapp DM Oral, BroveX PSE DM Oral, Carbodex DM (brompheniramine) Oral, Carbofed DM Oral, Cardec DM Oral, Children's Cold And Cough Oral, Children's Di Bromm DM Oral, Children's Elixir DM Oral, Cold-Allergy DM Oral, Coldec-DM Oral, Dallergy DM Oral, Decon-Dm Oral, Deltuss DMX Oral, Di Bromm Cold-Cough Oral, Di Bromm DM Cold-Cough Oral, Dimetane-DX Oral, Dimetapp DM (PSE) Oral, EndaCof-PD Oral, Genebrom DM Oral, Gen-Tane Dx Oral, Harber-Tane DX Oral, Histacol BD Oral, Liquifed DM Oral, LoHist-PSB-DM Oral, Medi-Brom Cold-Allergy DM Oral, Myphetane DX Oral, PBM Allergy Oral, P-Hist DM Oral, ProHist DM Oral, Pse Brom Oral, Pseudoephedrine Dx Oral, Resperal-DM Oral, Robitussin Allergy-Cough Oral, Rondamine DM (brompheniramine) Oral, Rondec-DM (brompheniramine) Oral, Sildec DM (brompheniramine) Oral, Tuss-Mine D.M. Oral, Uni-Hist DM Pediatric Oral, Wal-tap DM Cold & Cough Oral

All generic drug interactions for brompheniramine-pseudoephedrine-dm oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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