Medications known to have significant interactions with butalbital-acetaminophen-caffeine oral

Brand Names Include:

Alagesic LQ Oral, Alagesic Oral, Amaphen Oral, Americet Oral, Analor Oral, Anolor 300 Oral, Anoquan Oral, Arcet Oral, Bac Oral, Butace Oral, Butacet Oral, Butalbicet Oral, Butaphen Oral, Capacet Oral, Dolgic LQ Oral, Dolgic Plus Oral, Dolmar Oral, Endolor Oral, Equi-Cet Oral, Esgic Oral, Esgic-Plus Oral, Ezol Oral, Femcet Oral, Fioricet Oral, Fiorpap Oral, G-1 Oral, Geone (G-1) Oral, Ide-Cet Oral, Isocet Oral, Lorprn Oral, Margesic Oral, Medigesic Oral, Medigesic Plus Oral, Minotal Oral, Orbivan Oral, Pacaps Oral, Pharmagesic Oral, QUALA-CET Oral, Repan Oral, Rogesic Oral, Tacet Oral, Tenake Oral, Tencet Oral, T-Gesic Plain Oral, Triad Oral, Two-Dyne Oral, Vanatol LQ Oral, Zebutal Oral

All generic drug interactions for butalbital-acetaminophen-caffeine oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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