Medications known to have significant interactions with chlorphen-phenyleph-hydrocodon oral

Brand Names Include:

Aber-Tuss HC Oral, Anaplex-Hd Oral, Atuss HC Oral, Atuss MS Oral, Baltussin HC Oral, B-Tuss Oral, Chemdal-HD Oral, Chemdal-Hd Plus Oral, Chem-Tuss N Oral, Chlorgest-HD Oral, Chlorphen HD Oral, Comtussin HC Oral, Cotuss HD Oral, Cotuss MS Oral, Coughtuss Oral, Cyndal HD Oral, De-Chlor HC Oral, De-Chlor HD Oral, Ditussin HC Oral, DroTuss-CP Oral, DuraDal HD Oral, DuraDal HD Plus Oral, Echotuss-HC Oral, ED-TLC Oral, Ed-Tuss HC Oral, Efasin HD Oral, Efasin HD Plus Oral, Endagen-HD Oral, Endal-HD Oral, Endal-HD Plus Oral, Endotuss HD Oral, Enplus-HD Oral, Exo-Tuss Oral, Guiaphen HD Oral, H-C Tussive Oral, Highland HC Oral, Highland Tuss HC Oral, Hist-HC Oral, Histinex HC Oral, Hist-Plus Oral, Hydro PC II Oral, Hydrocodone CP Oral, Hydrocodone HD Oral, Hydron CP Oral, Hydro-PC II Plus Oral, Hydro-PC Oral, Hyphen-HD Oral, Iodal HD Oral, Iotussin HC Oral, KG-Dal HD Oral, KG-DAL HD Plus Oral, Liquicough HC Oral, Liquitussin HC Oral, Maxi-Tuss HC Oral, Maxi-Tuss HCX Oral, Maxi-Tuss SA Oral, Maxitussin Hc Oral, Med-Hist HC Oral, Mintuss HC Oral, Mintuss HD Oral, Mintuss MS Oral, Nasatuss Oral, Neo HC Oral, NuDal HD Oral, Phen/Chlor HC Oral, Phendal-HD Oral, Poly-Tussin Cough Oral, Poly-Tussin HD Oral, Quindal-HD Oral, Quindal-HD Plus Oral, Relacon-HC Oral, Relasin-HC Oral, Rindal HD Oral, Rindal HD Plus Oral, Tega-Tussin Oral, Triant-HC Oral, Tridal HD Oral, Tridal HD Plus Oral, Tritussin Oral, Tusana-D Oral, Tussanil DH Oral, Tuss-DS Oral, Tuss-ES Oral, Tuss-HC Oral, Tuss-PD Oral, Uni-Tricof HC Oral, Uni-Tuss HC Oral, Vanex-HD Oral, Ventuss Oral, Well-Tuss HD Oral, Z-Cof HC Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorphen-phenyleph-hydrocodon oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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