Medications known to have significant interactions with chlorpheniramine-phenyleph-dextromethorph-acetaminophen oral

Brand Names Include:

Adult Robitussin Cough-Cold-Flu (chlorpheniramine) Oral, Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold/Cough Formula Oral, Alka-Seltzer Plus Flu Oral, Children's Dimetapp Cold &Flu Oral, Children's Flu Relief Oral, Children's Non-ASA Mult-Sx Cold Oral, Children's Plus Flu Oral, Children's Plus Multi-Symptom Cold Oral, Children's Tylenol Plus Flu Oral, Children's Tylenol Plus MS Cold Oral, Children'sTriaminic MS Fever-Cold Oral, Cold Head Congestion Day/Nite Oral, Cold Head Congestion Nighttime Oral, Cold Multi-Symptom (chlorpheniramine) Oral, Cold Multi-Symptom Day/Night Oral, Cold Relief Multi-Symptom Day/Night Oral, Comtrex Day/Night Cold & Cough Oral, Daytime & Nighttime Cold Oral, Deltuss-A Oral, Head Congestion Day-Night Oral, Multi-Symptom Cold (PE & CPM) Oral, Multi-Symptom Cold Night Time Oral, PAIN RELIEF COLD PE NIGHTTIME Oral, Tussin Cough-Cold-Flu Oral, Tylenol Cold Head Cong Day-Nig Oral, Tylenol Cold Head Congestion Night Oral, Tylenol Cold Muti-Symptom Day/Night Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorpheniramine-phenyleph-dextromethorph-acetaminophen oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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