Medications known to have significant interactions with chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan oral

Brand Names Include:

Aber-tuss DR Oral, AMBI 10PEH-4CPM-20DM Oral, Amerituss AD Oral, Antitussive Cough (DM) Oral, Atuss DM Oral, Atuss DR Oral, Balamine DM (chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine) Oral, Bio-B Kids Oral, Bronkids Oral, Cardec DM (phenylephrine-chlorpheniramine) Oral, Centergy DM Oral, CERON-DM Infant Oral, CERON-DM Oral, Cerose-DM Oral, Coldtuss-DR Oral, Corfen-DM Oral, CP DEC-DM Oral, C-Phen DM Oral, CPM-PE-DM Oral, DEC-CHLORPHEN DM Oral, De-Chlor DM Oral, De-Chlor DR Oral, Dex PC Oral, DM-PE-Chlor Oral, Donatussin Oral, Ed A-Hist DM Oral, ED DM Oral, Father John's Oral, Gencontuss Oral, Histadec DM Oral, Maxichlor PEH DM Oral, Mintuss DM Oral, Mintuss DR Oral, Nasohist DM Oral, NeoTuss Plus Oral, NoHist DMX Oral, NoHist-DM Oral, NoHist-PDX Oral, Norel CS Oral, Norel DM Oral, P Chlor DM Oral, Pd-Cof Oral, PE-Hist DM Oral, Phenabid DM Oral, Poly-Tussin DM Oral, Quartuss DM Oral, RE DCP Oral, Relahist-DM Oral, Reme Tussin DM Oral, RONDEC-DM (PE) Infant Oral, RONDEC-DM (PE) Oral, Rondex-DM Oral, Ru-Tuss A Oral, Rycontuss Oral, SILDEC PE-DM Oral, Sonahist DM Oral, Statuss DM Oral, TRI-DEX PE Oral, Trigofen DM Oral, Trital DM Oral, Trituss DM Oral, Tri-Vent DPC Oral, Tussilan-CL Oral, Tussplex DM Oral, Uni-Tuss DM Oral, Virdec DM Oral, Z-Dex 12D Oral, Zoden DM Oral, Zotex-12D Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorpheniramine-phenylephrine-dextromethorphan oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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