Medications known to have significant interactions with chlorpheniramine-pseudoephedrine oral

Brand Names Include:

A.R.M Oral, Aller-Chlor Decongestant Oral, Allerest Maximum Strength Oral, Allergy (pseudoephedrine-chlorpheniramine) Oral, Allerscript Oral, Allertabs Oral, AMBI 60PSE-4CPM Oral, Amerifed Oral, Anafed Oral, Anamine Oral, Anamine TD Oral, Anaplex Oral, Bayfedrine Plus Oral, Biohist LA Oral, Brexin LA Oral, Chlorafed H.S. Oral, Chlorafed Oral, Chlordrine SR Oral, Chlorfed SR Oral, Chlorphedrine SR Oral, Chlor-Pseudo SR Oral, Chlor-Trimeton D Oral, Chlor-Trimeton Decongestant Oral, Codimal L.A. Half Oral, Codimal L.A. Oral, Cold & Allergy Suphedrine Oral, Colfed-A Oral, Cophene #2 Oral, Co-Pyronil 2 Oral, CPM PSE Oral, CPM-PSE Oral, Curaler Oral, Dallergy-D Oral, D-Amine-SR Oral, D-Congestamine Oral, D-Congestamine Tr Oral, Decogest Plus Oral, Deconamine Oral, Deconamine SR Oral, Decongest Multi-Action Oral, Decongest SR Oral, Decongestant Plus Oral, Decongestine TR Oral, Deconomed SR Oral, Decophed Plus Oral, Dorcol Children's Cold Formula Oral, Duratuss DA Oral, Dynafed-ER Oral, Dynahist ER Oral, Genaphed Plus Oral, Hayfebrol Oral, HISDEC Oral, Histalet Oral, Isochlor Oral, Klerist-D Oral, Kronofed-A Oral, Kronofed-A-Jr Oral, LoHist - D Oral, Maxichlor PSE Oral, Med-Hist-Pl Oral, Medi-Phedrine Plus Oral, Mintex Oral, Myfedrine Plus Oral, N D Clear Oral, Nalex Plain DF Oral, Neutrahist Oral, Novafed A Oral, Omadryl DA Oral, Orphedral Ad Oral, PediaCare Cold & Allergy Oral, PediaCare Cold Formula Oral, PediaCare Cold/Allergy Oral, Pedicare Childrens Cold Oral, Poly Hist Oral, Promist Plain Oral, PSE 15-CPM 2 Oral, PSE CPM Oral, Pseudafen Plus Oral, Pseudo Plus Cold & Allergy Oral, Pseudo+ Oral, Pseudo-Chlor Oral, Pseudoephedrine Cold/Allergy Oral, Pseudoephedrine-60 Plus Oral, Pseudogest Plus Oral, Pseudoval Plus Oral, QDALL Oral, Q-Fed Plus Oral, RE2+30 Oral, Rescon-ED Oral, Rhinosyn Oral, Rhinosyn-Pd Oral, Rinade-Bid Oral, Ryna Oral, Sanfed A Oral, Sinus & Allergy (pseudoephedrine) Oral, Suclor Oral, Sudachem Plus Oral, Sudafed Cold-Allergy Oral, Sudafed Plus Oral, SudaHist Oral, Sudaminic Plus Oral, SudoGest Cold & Allergy Oral, SudoGest Plus Oral, SudoGest Sinus & Allergy Oral, Sud-O-Med Plus Oral, Sufedrin Plus Oral, Su-Phed Plus Oral, Suphedrin Plus Oral, Su-Phedrin Plus Oral, Suphedrine Cold-Allergy Oral, Suphedrine Plus Oral, Su-Phedrine Plus Oral, Thera-Hist Cold & Allergy Oral, Tibamine LA Oral, Time-Hist Oral, Tri Acting Cold-Allergy Oral, Triactin Cold & Allergy Oral, Triacting Cold-Allergy Oral, Triacting Orange Oral, Triaminic Cold/Allergy Oral, Uni-Sed Plus Oral, Wal-Finate-D Oral

All generic drug interactions for chlorpheniramine-pseudoephedrine oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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