Medications known to have significant interactions with cpm-phenylephrine-acetaminophen oral

Brand Names Include:

Adult Robitussin Nighttime Nasal Relief Oral, Advanced Formula Cold Oral, Advanced Formula Decongestant Oral, Allergy Multi-Symptom Oral, Allergy Relief Multi-Symptom Oral, Allergy Relief(chlorpheniramine-acetaminophen) Oral, Allergy Sinus PE Oral, Cerose Compound Oral, Childrens Plus Cold Oral, Children's Tylenol Plus Cold Oral, Cold & Flu Medicine Oral, Cold Oral, Comtrex Day/Night Severe Cold-Sinus Oral, Comtrex Flu Therapy Oral, Contac Cold-Flu Day And Night Oral, Decongestant Tablet Oral, Decongestant-Acetaminophen Oral, Dristan Advanced Oral, Dristan Cold Oral, Dri-Tab Oral, DRYPHEN Oral, Effervescent Antacid Pain Oral, Effervescent Cold Relief Plus Oral, Histagesic Oral, Multi-Symptom Cold Decong Oral, Norel AD Oral, Onset Forte Oral, Pain Reliever Allergy Sinus PE Oral, Plus Cold Medicine Oral, Protid Oral, Sinus Congestion & Pain (chlorpheniramine) Oral, Sinus Congestion & Pain Day-Night Oral, Sinutrol PE Oral, Tylenol Allergy Multi-Symptom Oral, Tylenol Sinus-Congestion-Pain D/N Oral

All generic drug interactions for cpm-phenylephrine-acetaminophen oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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