Medications known to have significant interactions with cpm-pseudoephed-hydrocodone oral

Brand Names Include:

A-G Tussin Oral, Amtussin Oral, C-Cof HC Oral, Coldcough HC Oral, Coldtuss Oral, Cordron-HC Oral, Genecof-HC Oral, Histinex PV Oral, Hycofed Oral, HYDROCOF-HC Oral, Hydron PSC Oral, Hydro-Tussin HC Oral, Hyphed Oral, Jaycof-HC Oral, KG-Tussin Oral, MedTussin Oral, M-End (with Chlorpheniramine) Oral, Notuss Oral, Notuss-Forte Oral, Pediatex HC Oral, Tussin-V Oral, Tuss-PV Oral, WellTuss HC Oral, Zutripro Oral

All generic drug interactions for cpm-pseudoephed-hydrocodone oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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