Medications known to have significant interactions with pseudoephedrine-codeine-gg oral

Brand Names Include:

Ambifed CD Oral, Ambifed CDX Oral, Ambifed-G CD Oral, Ambifed-G CDX Oral, Antitussive/Decongestant Oral, Baytussin Dac Oral, Biotussin DAC Oral, Cheratussin DAC Oral, Codafed Expectorant Oral, Codafed Oral, Codafed Pediatric Expectorant Oral, Co-Histine Expectorant Oral, Cophene Xp Oral, Cycofed Expectorant Oral, Cycofed Pediatric Expectorant Oral, Decohistine Expectorant Oral, Decongestant Expectorant Oral, Deconsal C Oral, Deproist-Codeine Oral, Dihistine Expectorant-Codeine Oral, Glyatuss Dac Oral, G-Tussin Dac Oral, Gua PC Oral, Guaifenesin DAC Oral, Guaifenesin/P-Ephedrine/Cod Oral, Guaitussin DAC Oral, Guiatuss DAC Oral, Guiatussin DAC Oral, Gutatuss A/D Oral, Halotussin DAC Oral, Histafed-C Oral, KG-Fed Expectorant Oral, KG-FED Pediatric Expectorant Oral, Lortuss EX Oral, Maxifed CD Oral, Maxifed CDX Oral, Maxifed-G CD Oral, Maxifed-G CDX Oral, Medent C Oral, Medi-Tuss Dac Oral, Mytussin DAC Oral, Novadyne Expectorant Oral, Novagest Expectorant/Codeine Oral, Novahistine Expectorant Oral, Novatuss Oral, Nuchochem Pediatric Oral, Nucochem Expectorant Oral, Nucodine EXP Oral, Nucodine PED Oral, Nucofed Expectorant Oral, Nucofed Pediatric Expectorant Oral, Nucotuss Expectorant Oral, Nuco-Tuss Oral, Phenhist Expectorant Oral, Phenylhistine Expectorant Oral, Pseudoephedrine G W/Codeine Oral, Robafen DAC Oral, Robichem DAC Oral, Robitussin DAC Oral, Ryna-CX Oral, Sudatuss-2 Oral, Sudatuss-SF Oral, Suttar-2 Oral, Suttar-SF Oral, Tricode GF Oral, Tusnel C Oral, Tusnel Ped-C Oral, Tussar-2 Oral, Tussar-SF Oral, Tussin Dac Oral, Virtussin DAC Oral, Zodryl DEC 25 Oral, Zodryl DEC 30 Oral, Zodryl DEC 35 Oral, Zodryl DEC 40 Oral, Zodryl DEC 50 Oral, Zodryl DEC 60 Oral, Zodryl DEC 80 Oral, Z-Tuss E Oral

All generic drug interactions for pseudoephedrine-codeine-gg oral (lists will include brand and generic names):

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