Drug interactions with sodium lactate iv and pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral

sodium lactate iv brand names and other generic formulations include:

No brand names available

All generic drug interactions for sodium lactate iv (lists will include brand and generic names):

pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral brand names and other generic formulations include:

Aber-Fed Oral, AbleTex PSE Oral, Aldex GS Oral, Altarussin PE Oral, ALTEX-PSE Oral, Ambi 40PSE-400GFN Oral, AMBI 45-800 Oral, AMBI 60-1000 Oral, AMBI 60-580 Oral, Ambi 60PSE-400GFN Oral, AMBI 80-700 Oral, AMBI 80-780 Oral, Ambifed Oral, Ambifed-G (IR) Oral, Ambifed-G Oral, Amitex PSE Oral, Anatuss LA Oral, Antitussive Pe Oral, Aquatab D Dose Pack Oral, Biotuss PE Oral, Boca-Tex PSE Oral, Brexin Ex Oral, Centex-PSE Oral, Ceritussin-Pe Oral, Chest And Nasal Congestion Oral, Chest Congestion Relief D Oral, Coldmist JR Oral, Coldmist LA Oral, Coldmist S Oral, Congess JR Oral, Congess SR Oral, Congestac Oral, Congest-Eze Oral, Conpec L.A. Oral, Cough Control PE Oral, Cough Formula PE Oral, Deco-D Oral, Decongest II Oral, Decongestant II Oral, Decongestant Pe Cough Formula Oral, Deconsal LA Oral, Defen-LA Oral, Degen II Oral, Demibid II Oral, Desal-II Oral, Despec SR Oral, Despec-Tab Oral, Dex-500 Oral, D-Feda II Oral, D-PSE/GG Oral, Drituss GP Oral, Duraphen Oral, Durasal II Oral, Duratuss AM-PM Oral, Dynex Oral, E-D Oral, Enomine PSE Oral, Entex PSE Oral, Entex T Oral, Eudal-SR Oral, ExeFen Oral, ExeFen-IR Oral, Expectorant PE Sugar-Free Oral, Expressin 400 Oral, Ex-Span Oral, Fenex-Pse Oral, G/P 1200/60 Oral, Geofed Oral, G-Fed Oral, G-Fed Ped Oral, GFN 1200-PSE 50 Oral, GFN 550-PSE 60 Oral, GFN 595-PSE 48 Tab Oral, GFN 795-PSE 85 Tab Oral, GFN 800-PSE 60 Oral, GFN/PSE Oral, Glyatuss Pe Oral, Glycofed Oral, G-P Oral, GP500 Oral, G-Phed Oral, G-Phed-PD Oral, Guaiatussin Pe Oral, Guaibid D Oral, Guaibid D Pediatric Oral, Guaifed-PSE Oral, Guaifen PSE Oral, Guaifenesin 600/PSE 120 Oral, Guaifenesin PSE SR Oral, Guaifenesin-P Oral, Guaifenesin-P-PD Oral, Guaifenesin-PSE Oral, Guaifenex GP Oral, Guaifenex PSE 120 Oral, Guaifenex PSE 60 Oral, Guaifenex PSE 80 Oral, Guaifenex PSE 85 Oral, Guaifenex-Rx Oral, GuaiMAX-D Oral, Guaimist S Oral, Guai-Sudo Oral, Guaitab Oral, Guaivent PD Oral, Guai-Vent/PSE Oral, Guiacough Pe Oral, Guiadrine GP Oral, Guiadrine II Oral, Guiadrine Oral, Guiadrine PSE 120 Oral, Guiadrine PSE Oral, Guiafed Oral, GUIAFEN-PSE Oral, Guiapax PSE Oral, Guiatex II SR Oral, Guiatex PSE Oral, Guiatuss PE Oral, Guiatussin Pe Oral, H 9600 SR Oral, Halotussin PE Oral, Harbertussin PE Oral, Histalet X Oral, Histex DA Oral, Hi-Tex Pse Oral, Iosal II Oral, Iotex PSE Oral, K-Gest Oral, Komatussin PE Oral, LEV/PSE/GG Oral, Levall G Oral, Liquitussin Severe Congestion Oral, Mardrops-EX Oral, Mastussin PE Oral, Maxifed (IR) Oral, Maxifed Oral, Maxifed-G (IR) Oral, Maxifed-G Oral, Medent LD Oral, Medent Oral, Medent-LDI Oral, Medi-Tussin PE Oral, Medi-Tussin Severe Congestion Oral, Med-Rx Oral, Mi-Decon Oral, Mindal Oral, Mintab D Oral, Miraphen PSE Oral, Mucinex D Maximum Strength Oral, Mucinex D Oral, Mucus Relief D (pseudoephed) Oral, Mytussin PE Oral, Nalex-CR Oral, Nalex-Jr Oral, Nasabid SR Oral, Nasatab LA Oral, Nomuc-PE Oral, PanMist JR Oral, PanMist LA Oral, PanMist S Oral, Poly-Vent IR Oral, Poly-Vent Jr Oral, Poly-Vent Oral, Profed Oral, Promist La Oral, PSE 120 Oral, PSE 60 Oral, Pseudatex Oral, Pseudo GG Oral, Pseudo GG TR Oral, Pseudo Max Oral, Pseudocot-G Oral, Pseudoephedrine GG Oral, Pseudoephedrine N-Drying Sinus Oral, Pseudoephedrine Non-Dry Sinus Oral, Pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin/GG Oral, Pseudofen LA Oral, Pseudofenesin PSE Oral, Pseudofen-PD LA Oral, Pseudo-G Oral, Pseudo-G/PSI Oral, Pseudovent 400 Oral, Pseudovent Oral, Pseudovent Ped Oral, Q-Tussin PE -AF Oral, Q-Tussin PE Oral, Refenesen Plus Oral, Respa-1st Oral, Respaire-120 Oral, Respaire-30 Oral, Respaire-60 Oral, Respinol-G Oral, Respinol-La Oral, Robafen PE Oral, Robafen Severe Congestion Oral, Robichem Pe Oral, Robitussin PE Oral, Robitussin Severe Congestion Oral, Ru-Tuss DE Oral, Ru-Tuss Jr Oral, Rydex G Oral, Sinufed Oral, Sinumist Oral, Sinutab Non-Drying Oral, S-Pak Oral, Stamoist E Oral, Sudafed Non-Drowsy Oral, Suda-G Oral, Sudal SR Oral, SudaTex G Oral, SudaTex Oral, SudaTex-G Oral, Suda-X Oral, Super Tussin PE Oral, Su-Phedrin Non Drying Sinus Oral, Suphedrin Non-Drying Sinus Oral, Sustex PSE Oral, Syn-Rx Oral, Tenar PSE Oral, TG 45PSE-400GFN Oral, Tidafen LA Oral, T-Moist Oral, Touro LA Oral, Touro LA-LD Oral, Triacting Chest & Nasal Congestion Oral, Triacting Chest Congestion Oral, Triacting Citrus Oral, Triaminic Chest & Congestion (pseudoephed) Oral, Tricomine Oral, Trispec Dex Oral, T-Tussin PE Oral, Tusscidin PE Oral, Tussin Cold Severe Congestion Oral, Tussin Ephedrine Oral, Tussin Severe Congestion Oral, Tussin Severe Oral, Tuss-La Oral, Uni-Tussin PE Oral, V-Dec-M Oral, Venbid TR Oral, Versacaps Oral, Wal-Tussin Cold Severe Congest Oral, We Mist II Oral, WE Mist LA Oral, Zaptec PSE Oral, Zephrex LA Oral, Zephrex Oral

All generic drug interactions for pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral (lists will include brand and generic names):
Monitor CloselySignificant interaction possible (monitoring by your doctor required)

sodium lactate iv and pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral

sodium lactate iv will increase the level or effect of pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral by affecting how the drug is eliminated from the body through the kidneys if the urine is not acidic.

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Monitor CloselyUse Caution/Monitor.

sodium lactate iv and pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral

sodium lactate iv will increase the level or effect of pseudoephedrine-guaifenesin oral by passive renal tubular reabsorption - basic urine.

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