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Who develops folliculitis?

Anyone can develop folliculitis rash in areas where hair follicles are present on the body. Lesions of folliculitis most frequently involve areas such as the face, scalp, chest, back, buttocks, groin, and thighs. It does not affect the eyes, mouth, palms, or soles, where there are no hair follicles. Folliculitis probably affects all humans to some extent at some time during their lives. Folliculitis never involves the palms, soles, or eyelids because these areas are devoid of hair follicles.

Certain groups of people are more prone to develop folliculitis. People with diabetes and those with a compromised immune system (such as from HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, chronic diseases, cancer, systemic chemotherapy, immune-suppressing drugs) may be more prone to develop folliculitis.

What are the causes of folliculitis?

Folliculitis can be caused by a large number of infectious organisms. However, frequently folliculitis is sterile and seems to be induced by irritating chemical substances, drugs and physical irritants like shaving. Differentiating these causes is very important if the physician is going to be able to treat the condition successfully.

Reviewed on 6/20/2017

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