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Hepatitis C: Transmission, Symptoms and Treatment

The liver in the human body and the hepatitis C (hep c) virus.
About 75% of American adults with hepatitis C (hep c) are baby boomers.
A syringe with blood on the end tip. Needle pricks can cause hepatitis c (hep c) infection.
Symptoms of hepatitis C (hep c) show a female with abdominal pain, a specimen of dark urine, and a female with a fever.
Hepatitis C (hep c) can be either acute or chronic.
A doctor checks a blood test for hepatitis C (hep c).
A doctor points at a model of a human liver. Hepatitis c infection sometimes leads to liver transplant surgery.
Hepatitis c (hep c) can be treated with medications.
From this pie chart you can see that hepatitis c (hep c) is the most common cause of liver transplants.
 A female doctor and patient discuss hepatitis C (hep c).
A chemist in a laboratory performs research. Research into the hepatitis c (hep c) vaccine is ongoing.
A doctor discusses the risk factors and prevention of hepatitis C (hep c).

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Hepatitis C (Hep C) Symptoms and Treatment

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