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Hives (Urticaria & Angioedema)

Are there other conditions that mimic hives?

There are other rashes that may look like hives, but the fact that they remain stable and do not resolve within 24 hours is helpful in distinguishing them from hives. Such rashes may need to have a small specimen of skin removed and examined under the microscope (biopsy) to accurately determine the nature of the skin disease.

When to visit the doctor

If hives are making it difficult to sleep, then it may be necessary to see a physician. This would be especially important if you are taking nonprescription antihistamines. If your hives last longer than two months, it is also likely you will benefit from visiting a physician.

What specialists treat hives?

Some family physicians or internists may feel comfortable caring for patients with chronic urticaria. Most dermatologists and allergists are able to care for patients with urticaria.
Reviewed on 11/14/2016

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