How Can I Clean My Face Naturally?

Reviewed on 12/25/2020

How can I clean my face naturally?
Cleaning the face is essential to maintain skin health and has 3 main benefits.

It is important to clean the face at least once or twice a day to keep the skin clean and healthy. There are several over the counter products available to cleanse the skin based on the skin type or natural ways to clean the skin with the help of home remedies. One may also seek the help of a specialist for deeper skin cleansing treatments like a medi-facial or to address specific skin concerns.

Why should you clean your face?

Cleaning the face is essential to maintain skin health and has the following benefits:

  • Removing build-up:

Removing the build-up of dirt, excess oil, dead skin cells, and other unwanted debris is necessary. Daily facial washing removes build-up, giving the skin a fresh look. If the skin is not clean, these impurities will collect in the skin, causing various skin problems like acne, whiteheads, blackheads, uneven skin tone, and texture. Also, this build-up will prevent skincare products from penetrating the skin properly.

  • Increased hydration:

Regular facial cleansing and moisturizing help maintain adequate skin hydration. Dehydrated skin appears dull, wrinkled, aged, and feels rough. Cleansing the face also helps in maintaining pH balance, which helps keep the skin to be healthy and supple. Hydrated skin increases skin cell turnover, reduces pigmentation, and slows the aging process.

  • Maintaining clear and healthy skin:

Sebaceous glands are small glands in the skin that secrete an oily substance called sebum to protect the skin. These glands use hair follicles within the skin to allow the oil onto the skin surface. The build-up of excess oil and impurities can block the follicles, resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

5 Tips to clean your face naturally:

The following home remedies can help cleanse the skin and are an alternative to commercial soaps or face washes:

  • Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a natural makeup remover and cleanser, which can be used every day. It contains lauric acid and has moisturizing properties. Coconut oil may be applied using a cotton ball to remove makeup, dirt, and excess oil. The oil may be rinsed off with lukewarm water, followed by other homemade cleansers or over the counter face washes.

  • Oatmeal facial cleanser:

Oatmeal can effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Oatmeal is rich in Vitamin E. It also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help nourish the skin and improve skin texture. One tablespoon of oatmeal may be mixed with yogurt or honey and made into a paste. This mixture may be applied to the face and neck and gently scrubbed.

  • Milk, lemon, and gram flour cleanser:

Milk contains lactic acid that removes dead skin cells, impurities, and reduces pigmentation. The proteins and fat in whole milk hydrate and plump the skin. Vegans may substitute milk with nondairy yogurt, which has the same benefits. Milk, half a lemon, and gram flour may be mixed to form a fine paste and applied to the face and neck. The mixture may be rinsed off after 5 minutes.

  • Papaya, banana, lemon, honey, and gram flour mask/cleanser:

These ingredients contain vitamins and minerals that can naturally lighten, cleanse, and nourish the skin. They may be mashed into a paste, applied all over the face, and washed off after 20 minutes.

  • Cucumber and tomato cleanser:

Tomatoes can remove impurities from the skin, reduce pigmentation, and reverse sun damage. Cucumber cools the skin, reduces inflammation, and removes excess oil. Equal parts of cucumber and tomato can be blended into a smooth paste, applied over the face, and washed off after 15 minutes.


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