How Do Other Diuretics Work?

Reviewed on 1/31/2022

How do other diuretics work?

Diuretics, also known as water pills, are medications used in the treatment of edema (swelling due to fluid retention) and hypertension (high blood pressure). Medications that do not fall into any specific class of diuretics are categorized as “other diuretics,” and they work in different ways to eliminate excess sodium and water from the body.

Excess sodium and water in the body can cause edema and/or hypertension and diuretics help eliminate them by increasing urine output from the kidneys. Reducing excess sodium and fluid helps reduce swelling from fluid retention and also reduces the blood volume, which helps lower blood pressure. 

Other diuretics include two medications, both of which work in a similar manner:

Both indapamide and metolazone interfere with the transport of sodium ions across the epithelium (lining) of the distal tubule, a part of the nephron, and prevent reabsorption of sodium in the kidneys. A nephron is a functioning unit of the kidney which filters out waste and reabsorbs minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium.

Sodium draws out the excess water, and both are eliminated in the urine. In addition to sodium, however, the use of diuretics also leads to the loss of other electrolytes such as chloride, calcium, potassium, and hydrogen.

What are the uses of other diuretics?

Other diuretics are oral tablets prescribed to treat the following conditions:

  • Edema 
  • Hypertension

What are side effects of other diuretics?

Some of the most common side effects of other diuretics may include the following:

Information contained herein is not intended to cover all possible side effects, precautions, warnings, drug interactions, allergic reactions, or adverse effects. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure these drugs do not cause any harm when you take them along with other medicines. Never stop taking your medication and never change your dose or frequency without consulting your doctor.

What are names of some of the other diuretics?

Generic and brand names of some of the other diuretics include:

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