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Insect Sting Allergies (cont.)

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What tests do doctors use to diagnose an insect sting allergy?

In a person with a known insect sting allergy, the presence of the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction following a sting or bite is typically sufficient to establish the diagnosis of an allergic reaction.

A person who is unsure whether or not they have an allergy to stinging insects can consult an allergist/immunologist physician for testing. Two types of tests, skin tests and blood tests, can be used to determine whether or not you have an allergy to specific types of stinging insects. Skin testing involves placing a sample of the insect venom on or slightly under the top level of skin and observing the area for signs of an allergic reaction. Blood testing involves a test called a radioallergosorbent test (RAST) to determine the amount of IgE antibodies in your blood to a specific substance.

What specialists treat insect sting allergies?

Allergy specialists and immunologists are physicians specialized in diagnosing allergies and prescribing allergy injection therapy for stinging-insect allergy (see below). The actual allergic reaction itself may be treated by emergency-medicine or primary-care physicians, including pediatricians, internists, or family practitioners.

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