Definition of Multidetector computed tomography

Multidetector computed tomography: (MDCT) A form of computed tomography (CT) technology for diagnostic imaging. In MDCT, a two-dimensional array of detector elements replaces the linear array of detector elements used in typical conventional and helical CT scanners. The two-dimensional detector array permits CT scanners to acquire multiple slices or sections simultaneously and greatly increase the speed of CT image acquisition. Image reconstruction in MDCT is more complicated than that in single section CT. Nonetheless, the development of MDCT has resulted in the development of high resolution CT applications such as CT angiography and CT colonoscopy.

Multidetector computed tomography is also known by a confusing array of other terms such as multidetector CT, multidetector-row computed tomography, multidetector-row CT, multisection CT, multislice computed tomography, and multislice CT.

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