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Muscle Cramps and Muscle Spasms

Illustration showing the three types of muscle in the body: cardiac, skeletal and smooth.
A woman doing lunges with weights.
Illustration of muscle fibers in the thigh.
A collage of medications that can cause muscle cramps such as blood pressure medication, insulin injections, birth control pills and asthma inhaler medication.
A muscle cramp in the leg highlighted in red.
A pregnant woman sleeping in bed.
A woman hiker on sitting on the side of the path massaging her leg and foot.
A pharmacist filling prescriptions.
A man feeling anxiety in front of his computer screen.
A group of friends resting while drinking energy drinks.

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Reviewed by John A. Daller, MD on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Muscle Cramps (Charley Horse) and Muscle Spasm Remedies

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