Definition of Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis

Reviewed on 6/3/2021

Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis: Recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (RRP) involves the growth of numerous warty growths in the larynx in children. It is usually diagnosed between the ages of two and three years.

RRP is thought to be caused by acquisition of human papilloma virus during passage through the birth canal of an infected mother. Risk factors for RRP include being the firstborn child, vaginal delivery, and having a teenage mother who has genital warts; however, among infants born to women with such a history, the risk of RRP was less than 1%.

The treatment of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is usually by surgical excision. As the name "recurrent respiratory papillomatosis" suggests, recurrences of laryngeal papillomatosis are very frequent. Remission may occur after several years.


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