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Root Canal

Are there special considerations for getting a root canal during pregnancy?

Since a root canal is often necessary because a person has a tooth that is either causing extreme pain or is infected, it is best to get root canal treatment immediately, even if the person is pregnant. Untreated pain will produce too much stress and an abscess could critically endanger the health of the mother and developing baby. If it is possible to plan the timing of the root canal treatment, the second trimester is generally the safest time for dental procedures. If possible, the patient should contact their OB-GYN as soon as they know they will need the root canal to keep the doctor informed and obtain any counsel necessary to protect the pregnancy.

X-rays must be taken during the procedure, so it is imperative that a lead apron is used to protect the mother and baby. Tetracycline must be avoided as an antibiotic, as it can affect the baby's development. If these precautions are all followed, it is generally safe to get a root canal while pregnant.

Reviewed on 5/24/2016

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