Comment from: Anonymous55-64on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: May 01

Since treatment will go on for several months (in conjunction with an oral drug, Flucytosine), it is hard to say whether or not it is effective, yet. Using Abelcet definitely takes some getting used to! It is hard on my body (headaches, nausea, etc.), each daily IV infusion treatment takes 3-4 hours, combined with feeling badly -- and knowing that this will go on for months -- makes for some depression, as well. Although with all that said, I'm grateful for the opportunity to regain my former excellent health. So, I'll follow the regimene and hang in there. Finally, it is very important to watch your kidney and liver functions, as well as your blood pressure. All of mine have been adversely affected, but I am managing them with additional drugs, and they are under control.

Comment from: ShakenBake45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: October 21

This is a broad spectrum anti fungal IV. This is in a family of Amphotericin B drugs. If this the first time you need this drug. I would strongly recommend you see a Infectious Disease Specialists or Internal medicine. They will probably recommend a 3 day vacation in the hospital. This is a very toxic drug and is nick named The Shake & Bake IV. They will give you a antihistamine, a blood thinner heparin and morphine IV push. The IV dosage is so small but it has to be given in a 4 hour drip, you will wake up in 2-1/2-3 hours soak n wet from sweat and riggers, The nurse will know as you will be hooked up to a heart monitor and a defibrillator. I am allergic to Fluconazole class anti fungal drugs. As long as you are in a Hospital with a DR with a good knowledge of how to administer this drug and not exceed the recommended dose of 1.5mg/hr for a 4 hour drip. I have a high tolerance to Opioids and I make sure the DR know that at the 2.5- 3 hour threshold to give 10mg of hydromorphone. Alternating the pain meds will keep you from becoming tolerant to one.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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