Comment from: Izzy 19-24 Transgender 6 months to less than 1 year Caregiver Published: September 26

I am currently on my second dose of Accutane and it has been atleast 8 months now. My first round I had the usual effects of dry skin, red patches under my nose and around my eyes, sties all the time!! It was worth it because after 10 months my skin was clear and I felt great. Unfortunatey, when I got off my skin only stayed clear for 6 months and then acne returned.. so back on Accutane I went. This time around I am only taking 1 -2 tablets a week which is quite low. I am still having the same effects as the first round but not as severe HOWEVER this time I am really noticing the change in my moods.. There have been weeks I feel really down and don't want to get out of bed. I will have an instant rush of happiness and then 5mins later my mood sinks back down. It's really weird as I've never had this before and it only started once taking Accutane. I also feel more irritable and annoyed at little things. I have been able to manage it though and hope this will be my last round!

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Comment from: CES 25-34 Transgender 6 months to less than 1 year Caregiver Published: July 25

After suffering with cystic acne for 12 years I finally took accutane. It is the best decision I have ever made. My face is no longer in pain, and my confidence has had a massive boost! I had a few minor side effects like temporary achy joints/bones and stiff muscles, and of course dry lips, but they were 100% worth it! My only regret is not taking it sooner.

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Comment from: Sar1 25-34 Transgender 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: June 22

I suffered with adult acne for the last 3 years. I had a mixture of cystic acne , blackheads and Papule spots. Antibiotics was the first medication to be given to me, the antibiotics were a complete waste of time my acne still remained present ! The areas where I suffered with acne was the sides of my face , jawline and forehead. Having acne completely knocked my confidence and at the time the acne was so bad that the spots were painful to touch. I eventually got an appointment with a dermatologist , I was prescribed 10mg Roaccutane (accutane ) twice a day for the first month, I then progressed onto 20mg twice a day for the next 4 months . The only side affects I suffered were dry skin and dry lips . I actually used (nipple cream ) for my lips as I found it worked best. Apart from that I got on fantastic with accutane , it actually made me feel great as I was happy to see my skin clear up month by month ! .. Everybody is different and will experience different side affects but for me accutane has been a miracle for my skin and I am so happy that it worked . Therefore it gets a thumbs up for me. Thank you Accutane as I have very clear skin and my confidence back .

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Comment from: Gretchen Cammiso 35-44 Transgender 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: June 02

I was 36, had battled sever acne intermittently for 2 decades. I had had SEVERELY oily skin my whole life. Finally I tried Accutane! ???? BEST decision I ever made. While the monthly blood tests were annoying, it was beyond worth it. My skin began to clear up almost immediately & my pores shrank & my oil production regulated. I experienced minimal to no excessive dryness & 7 years later, I have had maybe 1 hormonal zit. Life changing!

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Comment from: 25-34 Transgender 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: June 02

I started taking Accutane shortly before turning 24. I had severe cystic acne throughout my back for a while which did not respond well to other treatment, and thus is why I started taking Accutane. For some time after starting the medication, I only had minor side effects, such as dry lips. Then, I started to experience symptoms of depression, such as feelings of worthlessness and thoughts of suicide. I never had any symptoms of depression prior to taking the medication. It has been around two years after stopping the medication, and I am still struggling almost daily with depression. I have tried months of therapy and while it was helpful, it definitely was not enough. I am now considering taking anti depressant medication. Please do a lot of research before you take this medication. Other people here have also reported developing depression. Nothing is worth risking your mental health, even if you have severe acne like I did. Please consider other options. I strongly recommend not taking this medication.

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Comment from: Chimbo 25-34 Transgender 1 to 6 months Caregiver Published: May 12

I had severe cystic and nodular acne in my chin area. Antibiotics didn’t help. This drug was a miracle. It started working immediately. Never saw results so fast. Took it for 5 months. 80mg a day and than 120 mg the last month. I had a few side effects. Nothing to serious. Dry lips dry skin and photo sensitivity were my side effects. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I prety much lived on chapstick, lotion and sunscreen. But it was %100 percent worth it. If you are dealing with severe acne I highly recommend this drug! It changed my life! If it doesn’t work for you, you can always stop taking it! But it’s %100 worth trying. I put it off for years because I was scared of the side effects. But I finally had enough and tried it, the side effects for me ere minimal. This drug is a lifesaver

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Comment from: 13 25-34 Transgender 6 months to less than 1 year Caregiver Published: April 24

I began having bad acne in high school, which became cystic in college, and refractory to every birth control, topical treatment, antibiotic, diet and skin care routine. Several dermatologists recommended accutane/isotretinoin but I hoped it would magically disappear by my mid 20's and had heard negative things about accutane from a friend and a family member. It didn't go away and once I had a steady job with good health insurance I found a conveniently located experienced dermatology practice and started monthly blood draws/pregnancy tests, and then 30mg daily for the 1st month, and 40mg daily for 6 months months (7 months total, I weigh ~135 lbs). We discussed increasing to 60mg daily but decided my 40mg dose was seeing good results and was best for limiting side effects which were quite manageable (which I felt was worth the extra 1-2 months on the medication). I had a few more cysts than usual on my back about 1 month in, but after that ~1 tiny pimple per month that resolved quickly on its own, and manageable side effects, and about a year later my skin has stayed beautifully clear and my prior pigmentation/scarring is becoming much lighter with topical acids. I WISH I HAD TAKEN ACCUTANE A DECADE SOONER to save all that wasted time/$/aggravation as it was clear that my acne causes would only be fixed by accutane. In terms of side effects the first week my dose increased I had some diarrhea which resolved on its own (which can happen while adjusting to any new medication), my triglycerides slightly increased one month but we think it was related to my labs not being taken fasting, I was a little tired and less social (but nothing that affected day-to-day life and it was winter time), the dryness everyone gets, and they mentioned poor wound healing occurs and I had one cyst early on that burst and took longer than usual to heal. I was dry everywhere, and had to drink water constantly, and moisturize everywhere. I wanted cheaper products available at local pharmacies so I used the classic aquaphor healing ointment for lips and kept one in several locations (if you want some color try vaseline rosy lips), systane ultra eye drops, cetaphil or cerave eye gel cream, to avoid nose bleeds used aquaphor ointment or petroleum jelly in my nostrils and ultra-sonic cool mist humidifier while sleeping, cerave moisturizing cream (pick creams for your face/body in jars as they are thicker than pump bottles), dove deep moisture body wash, cerave hydrating face wash, la roche-posay cooling water face location sunscreen SPF 60 (though expensive and a little greasy but worked well), and used makeup fit for dryer skin that contained SPF, still looking for the right makeup remover, and I used gentler shampoo since my hair was dryer (and it did fall out toward the end of my course but has grown back to about 90% fullness). For hair removal I had to switch to shaving, tweezing and threading. I also avoided alcohol, and replaced my regular multivitamin (as it contained vitamin A) to ProRenal+D with Omega-3 as renal multivitamins don't contain vitamin A!

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Comment from: SarahNelson 13-18 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: December 31

I was on 30mg for 2 months and 60mg for 4 months. It got rid of my cystic acne on my face, chest, and back. I still have scarring but my skin looks so much better! Some side effects I experienced included, dry skin, nose bleeds, and dry eyes. However, it was all WORTH IT! I struggled with acne my entire life and my only regret is not starting it sooner. I started seeing it work after only 10 days. I can't recommend accutane enough. My advice is to advocate for yourself and keep asking for it over and over again until they give it to you.

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Comment from: 25-34 Female 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: November 13

I took two rounds of this medication, which lasted for almost 2 years because the first round didn't help my acne very well. My second round they upped my dose to the highest they could for a 15 year old girl at the time. I was on a dosage that they would normally give a 200 lb man. While the medication did clear up my acne, there were some major side effects. My parents ended up taking me off the medicine because I was depressed and contemplating suicide. This has had a long term effect on my mental health. While at the time it was worth it, I wish I had never taken the medication now.

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Comment from: 19-24 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: October 24

Detroyed my life. gave me severe neurological problems

Comment from: T 19-24 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: October 02

I began taking Accutane after college due to the reviews I had read about possibly falling into depression. Iâ??ve had cystic acne my entire life and once I began taking it my life changed. My skin cleared up like I had never seen it before. Accutane has changed my life for the better and I would encourage others to try it out. I think some reviews make it seem far worse than the drug is, and may even steer some who are struggling with their skin away. I did have side effects such as: extremely dry lips, dry skin, eczema, back pain (after my dosage was increased), neck stiffness, muscle stiffness (dosages increase). All side effects went away once stopping drug and over time. I really really encourage those who are struggling wit their skin to try Accutane â??worst case scenario, you stop taking it if it is not working for you. It really is a game changer when it comes to your skin. I am so glad I have Accutane a chance and would encourage others to do so as well.

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Comment from: Male Patient Published: September 01

At first my skin extremely affected, leaving it as dry as the Sahara desert. But that was treatable. The main reason I believe NO ONE SHOULD USE THIS DRUG is it’s effect on my mental health. It ended up with me in a severe depressed state to the point I had suicidal thoughts. Although I am now diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I wasn’t at the time, I was much better before. I believe Accutane was a cause for this downward trend in my life that has caused a lot of pain. Take the alternatives, don’t take the chance

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Comment from: smoothskinbeauty 13-18 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: June 26

Accutane completely cleared up my severe acne and 90% of my acne scarring. If you have severe acne I'd recommend it. I started accutane at 17 and used it for 5 months. I've been off of it for 4 months now and have only ever had a few bumps - and only on my period. I was terrified to use accutane because of some bad reviews and the possible side effects. Know that these are rare. The only side effects I experienced were very dry lips(common cleared up within a month of finishing) and hives when I drank alcohol(you're not supposed to drink on it). I did also experience some depressive feelings the last few months I was on accutane and for about 3 months after. I don't regret using accutane but this part sucked. I'm not sure if this was just from accutane or also just because of my happiness of life around then. Also, pro tip, use aquaphor for your lips! It's the only thing that worked for my very dry lips! I am so happy I found accutane. Just be aware of the risks but also how rare the worst side effects are.

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Comment from: N/A 19-24 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: May 26

Best and quickest resort for Acne. Be prepared for headaches and super chapped lips! BE CAREFUL WITH DOSAGES. My body weight was only 118 when I boosted to the 40 mg and it caused weight loss, breast, chest and back pains!!! Although I was fine while on 20

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Comment from: J 19-24 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: February 15

When this drug is banned in the future you will think back to this post. Awful medication. 7 years post treatment with a plethora of issues from it. Call me a "minority" or a "rare case scenario," but permanent side effects are more common than everyone is led to believe. The question is not whether the drug permanently damages you, it's how much it has damaged you. That lies on a spectrum, rather than definite 'yes' or 'no'. Initially, you may not be able to tell if any damage has been done at all. As time goes on the issues will become more prevalent - but most won't attribute it to a drug that you're not even taking anymore. This is not a normal medication as in the side effects cease with cessation of treatment. The intended effects are permanent - and so are the side effects. You are screwing with bodily functions that are not meant to be screwed with. 4 months into treatment i considered it the best choice i had made in my life. 2 years after treatment and i considered it the worst choice i have made in my life. Call me dramatic. It starts an irreversible ripple effect that causes your body to systematically break down. Nothing is worth your mental health. Some argue "acne causes depression and anxiety so technically this medication helps mental illness." There is a difference between mental issues being caused by external circumstances (such as acne), and actual internal chemical imbalances within the brain. You can't escape the latter. This drug changes who you are whether you can tell or not. Don't blindly follow anyones advice, including mine. Think for yourself. Do your own research. Learn the drugs history. Google search "Bremner Accutane study" and start there. Make an informed decision. If you do decide to take it, and end up regretting it, don't stay quiet. Speak up. Tell people. Or don't, it will all be figured out eventually. -J

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Comment from: Jennerality 35-44 Female 6 months to less than 1 year Patient Published: November 07

I have tried every product on the market. Proactive included. Nothing cured my cystic acne except accutane. It truly is a miracle drug, albeit with side effects. My acne started to come back after a few years, so I am on a 2nd round, which will be much shorter. I am a 37 yo female and have battled facial acne since puberty.

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Comment from: 13-18 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: September 20


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Comment from: Jspring89 25-34 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: July 23

I feel the rating system for this drug was difficult to complete because although the drug was extremely effective treating my acne, I feel extremely unsatisfied with the effects this drug has done to the rest of my health and am afraid is the result of the difficulties I am dealing with today. My mom worked for a dermatologist and suggested this drug for me when I was 12 or 13 to help treat the acne on my back I was suffering from. Shortly after taking it I started developing psoriasis on my elbows and back of knees pretty bad. I never had it before but after stopping the drug even though it subsided I now continue to get it on my scalp. I also experienced extreme joint pain in which now continued and is diagnosed osteoarthritis when I wad 27. When I was 24 I developed a dvt blood clot and now fear I may have lupus, psoriatic arthritis or some other autoimmune disease because my symptoms are getting far more serious. I was young when I used Accutane and although my acne cleared and haven't developed anything other than an occasional pimple since I don't feel someone my age should be experiencing the health issues I've had and have now. I truly believe taking this drug kick started the issues I am now facing. It was always stressed to me how dangerous this drug could be during my treatment but I dont believe the lasting effects of this drug were/are really know to the fullest extent and could be the culprit to many more and far greater health consequences.

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Comment from: Jon 19-24 Male 1 to 6 months Patient Published: June 03

Goodbye Acne. Hello chronic dryness. Hello anxiety and agitation. Hello chronic gut issues. Hello erectile dysfunction. Only thing that hasn't hit me is joint pain. I am 5 years after treatment and these symptoms persist. 100% fine before.

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Comment from: SteveR 19-24 Female 1 to 6 months Patient Published: May 21

Look acne was so bad for me my dermatoligist once let a student look at me as an example of the worst. Accutane is a miracle. Sure nose bleeds and chapped lips were temporary side effects. So what!!

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