Comment from: agiannantonio35-44 Published: June 04

This is a public service announcement about Isotretinoin/Accutane: My son took 20 mg a day for 4 weeks. When back pain began he was taken off the drug. He is now hospitalized for intense lower back pain radiating down his legs and inability to walk. He can take a few steps but that is as far as he can go due to the pain. He is only getting worse. The medical staff have done x-rays, MRIs, Blood work panels. Everything is negative. He is seeing a rheumatologist, orthopedic spine specialist, and physical therapist but nothing helps. The next test are nuclear medicine tests. The only explanation for this sudden onset agony and paralysis is Isotretinoin/accutane. Please do not take this medicine. If I didn't have amazing medical insurance, I would have had to sell my house for the medical tests and treatment. He is not cured and he is only getting worse. Please PLEASE do not take this medicine. As for his acne, he is using topical dapsone and it is working. I just don't want anyone else to go through what he is going through. Best of luck to you.

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Comment from: M3ghan3lizabethh19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 30

After being on antibiotics for four years and seeing no improvements I decided to try accutane. I could not be happier with the results. I was hesitant at first because of the crazy side effects I was warned about. I had minimal side effects just bloody noses, chapped lips, and dry skin, but nothing too extreme. I did not experience the months of my skin getting worse at the beginning of using the drug and simply saw results quickly. Im so grateful for accutane because I no longer have to spend time being upset over my skin, being nervous about meeting new people, or dreading going to class. I have been off of it for about two years and still have clear skin!

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Comment from: Taylornmoran19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 15

I'm 21 years old. Want to start off by saying I have never written a review on something. Accutane is a life changer. I had moderate acne for about 7 years. I got cystic acne as well and when my skin started looking very damaged due to all the acne I've dealt with over time I decided I needed to do something about it. During the first few months things look worse but all you need to know is that by the end of the treatment your skin WILL look a lot better. You have to treat your body with more care during your course. I am close to finishing my 5th month which will be the end of my treatment and I do not have a single pimple on my face. my red marks are looking better with each day. Accutane has really given me back a big piece of my self confidence. I now feel like my outside appearance reflects how I feel inside which is happy and healthy. If you are tired of acne ruling your life then accutane is really the step you need to take. THANK YOU ACCUTANE :)

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Comment from: EC35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: August 28

This is a partial review because I am only on this medication for two and a half months. So far, so good. I am 37 years old. Quick history of my acne: Severe case when I was 20 (it seemed it was an overnight flare out of the blue) - 2 years later I had it under control by using topical stuff but lots of damage had been done to my skin. Over the years I've done microdermabrasion, facials, fraxel and pixel to reduce scarring. I was also using ProActiv just to keep the flare-up at bay for almost 10 years. Fraxel made a huge difference in the appearance of the scarring. In January of 2017, I decided to go full natural products on my face as ProActiv was causing wrinkles around my eye area, that backfired on me (Lesson leaned: Never do cold turkey on your skin). 3months into using natural products (March)I had full blown flare up with huge cystic acne even on my neck area and face became extremely oily. By April, I tried to return to ProActiv but it made my acne red and irritated so I discontinue it. At this point I was so down and thought there is no hope. I was depressed and hardly go out anymore. Going to work everyday was a dread. Finally went to dermatologist in May and right away she prescribed me with Accutane with brand name Claravis. I started the meds in June. Two and a half months later I can say that I was back to my old self. I am now able to go out, confidence is back and life is beginning to come back to normal. I still have acne here and there but definitely so much better than before. Just the fact that the oiliness has went away made a huge difference in the appearance of my skin. I had a purge in the first 2 weeks but slowly faded away. My derm said I should see full clearance around 4th or 5th month, I believe it since 2 and a half months so far made a huge difference. Side effects: Besides dry lips, virtually none. I keep up with a good moisturizer and lip balm, I'm good. Will update again once my full treatment is complete.

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Comment from: J3WI45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: February 08

Please consider other options. I took this medication when I was young and I now have severe health issues which I believe are due to this medication. I have lost my colon and my liver is in bad shape as well. I am not, nor have I ever been a heavy drinker, smoker or used drugs. I first noticed a change in my body when I no longer could tan. I'm Italian and always got dark brown in the summer and never had a sunburn in my life. Since my time on Accctane I can't go in the sun without high SPF sunblock. While at first it cleared my face I still have acne today, and some of it is worse than ever but I also have spots on my body where my skin is overly dry. I urge you to think about your future and look into another medical option.

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Comment from: gosmet25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: November 16

Before taking this drug I obviously done my research, read many reviews some of them really scary but I after speaking with my doctor I have decided to take in despite all the bad side effects. It was the best decision I had made I can't see anything else curing my acne. I have started treatment 02.16. It is November now and my skin is acne free. I loved my skin & hair whilst on the drug. Normally my skin is very oily shiny within 30 min after putting make up, my hair are greasy next day after washing. I didn't have those problems at all while taking this drug which was amazing change for a while. Drug has cleared my acne completely and got my skin in perfect condition before my wedding day. Worst side effect was really dry lips but you can live with that.

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Comment from: vbbackdoc55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: June 03

I understood going into this that the drug had severe side effects. Before I took the drug, I was suicidal from low self esteem due to the severity of the acne. So I felt I had nothing to lose! I took the drug in my late 20's. I am now in my mid-late 50's. I've experienced plenty of the negative side effects. I have hyperpigmentation in my legs which makes them look dirty. So I have to wear pants in warm weather. I've had chronic problems with conjunctivitis which I've learned to manage by washing my eyes each day and avoid letting myself get run down. I am getting a worsening case of dry mouth and dry throat which requires I keep water by my bed at night. My throat is so dry, it feels like leather. If I don't drink a LOT of water, bowel movements feel like I'm trying to pass on a hard stone brick! So internally, it appears the drug impairs the mucous-producing glands that lubricate the digestive system. On sunny days, I wear sunglasses as the sun nearly blinds me. Perhaps this sounds like complaints from an unsatisfied customer. It is not. Were it not for this drug, I would not be alive today to complain about the side effects! This drug will change your life! Do not even consider this drug for any but the worst cases of acne. The price you'll pay for fair skin may be too high unless like me, you're certain you'd be dead if you don't take it! Not for the faint of heart!

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Comment from: mamacancook65-71on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: January 19

This caused SEVERE, SUICIDAL DEPRESSION in our 15 year old son!!!! Never subsided. It ruined his life. DON'T USE THIS HORRID DRUG!!!

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Comment from: bittersweet13-18on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: September 28

I am male and took Accutane in the 90's while in my late teens, back before it was heavily regulated. I never had to get blood/lab work or be monitored by my doctor. They gave it out like candy. I was on it for about 1.5-2 years. I am now 40. It works very well to clear up acne. However, I did experience and continue to experience dry skin, dry hair and dry eyes. My vision worsened after taking this drug. I also suffered from some bone loss which made being an active teenage guy difficult and resulted in many broken bones I never had before taking the drug. Also, erectile issues and lack of sex drive. When have you heard of a 19 year old guy not having a much of a sex drive? Before Accutane I was your typical teenage guy, maybe more drive than typical, but afterwards, nearly gone. I continue to suffer from these things today. NEVER GIVE THIS DRUG TO YOUR CHILDREN!

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Comment from: 13-18on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: May 06


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Comment from: lje200019-24on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: July 23

Accutane was the best decision I ever made. I had acne since about 5th grade, and when I had a bad outbreak in college I decided enough was enough and decided to try accutane--even though I was really scared. The only reason I'm writing this review, is because I read about a million reviews on accutane before starting, and I feel a lot of them scared me more than reassured me. I am here to reassure you. It's worth it. Not only did it clear my acne, I had decently oily skin and some blackheads... not anymore. SO that's another perk of accutane. It's worth it. So what if your skin is dry for a few months (mine honestly didn't get that dry..) or you have a bad initial outbreak at first ( I had no initial acne outbreak--just started clearing my skin right away). It's worth it. It'll change your life.

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Comment from: hev13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: August 04

So im 16 and i struggled all through the last year of primary school and all throughout high school with severe acne. Some times were better, others not. My 'good' days were when my spots weren't red and inflamed they never seemed to go but when one did another 2 would replace that. i tried changing my daily routine, from what i was eating to exercising, home made 'remedies' all i can say for that is dont believe everything you read on the internet. It eventually got to the point where all the doctors and nurses at my doctors knew me, thats how regularly id been going to either get a new prescription or because the stuff i had wasn't working for me. This went on for about a year until my doctor finally told me about a dermatologist and booked me an appointment. i went had the blood test and weighing procedures, if im honest i was terrified about going on this, all the side effects potentially life threatening ones nearly stopped me from going on accutane. I went back saying i didnt want to risk it but my dermo insisted i should as they don't open this up to many people and turn away most that are asking for it. so i gave in, the first month i was on 20mg because i was a baby and panicked about what it could do internally, i saw slight changes, just slightly dry lips. 2nd month i was upped onto 30mg my skin got much better but as my dosage upped i broke out,making me think this was all useless, side effect: slightly drier lips, bit of cracking in the corners, dandruff (but i seemed to have sorted that) im on my third month now, 40mg one day, 30mg the other, my skin has cleared up so well im left with maybe 2-3 but spots, these are really unnoticeable and i feel so much more confident going out, i have some red scars left but nothing concealer doesn't cover up. im looking to eventually get rid of my scars completely but im in no rush. overall my experience has been so good so far, the only side effects ive had is dry lips and i went a couple of weeks not eating pro

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Comment from: Bruce C.45-54on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: February 28

I took Accutane in 1982-83 when it was first introduced by Hoffmann-LaRouche and after taking Tetracycline did not work for me. The side affect warnings are the same today as back then. I suffered from extreme dry/chapped lips. It was so bad, I had trouble opening my lips wide enough to insert a fork. That is when I ceased use however, it worked incredibly well. There has never been any other side affect and my kids were born without any medical conditions as a result of consumption however, I will not give it to my two teenagers. I do think you should research the product's history, considering there continues to be controversy with the product. A BRIEF SUMMARY: The original Accutane patent expired in 2002 and generics were introduced. By August 2002 (20 years), roughly 6,000 reports of psychiatric adverse events, such as depression and suicidal thoughts were documented and the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System contains almost 23,000 reports for Accutane. The FDA approves the first generic version of isotretinoin called Amnesteem. By 2008, over 425 lawsuits were filed claiming the drug causes inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Hoffmann-LaRouche soon afterwards voluntarily removes Accutane from the market citing competition from generic isotretinoin versions. In 2010, The American Academy of Dermatology issues a statement on the use of isotretinoin claiming that, according to published scientific studies, there's no direct relationship between isotretinoin and IBD or psychiatric disturbances. By 2014, Hoffmann-LaRouche wins and loses lawsuits. I had 1 side affect, but others were not as fortunate.

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Comment from: Cam D19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: November 05

I didn't really suffer from severe acne, but I would occasionally get moderate to severe breakouts near my chin and mouth areas. I took Zenatane, a form of Isotretinoin, for 5 months and it worked great. Of course, it dried out my skin and lips, but all you have to do is STAY ON TOP OF IT! Cetaphil moisturizing lotion and face wash are fantastic to use while on accutane. Also use Aquaphor in the areas where you suffer from acne. It helps keep the moisture in tact while on accutane, and you can put it on your lips every night too. I loaded my face with Aquaphor and Cetaphil, and my face didn't dry out hardly at all. My lips would get a little cracked and dry, but that's it. And now, my skin is clearer than ever and I hardly ever break out. I highly recommend accutane if you suffer from severe acne, because it WILL help. Just stay on top of the dryness and you'll be just fine!

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Comment from: M, The invisible man19-24on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: March 20

First and foremost, this medication is a MIRACLE CURE for acne. I struggled with acne that progressively got worse (developing from minor facial blemishes to severe, body-wide boils from fifth grade to my junior year of high school), which was increasingly painful, eye-drawing, and generally displeasing. After numerous other treatments and cleansers and such failed, my dermatologist put me on this. Within six months, most of it was gone, but there was still room for improvement, so he put me on another six month course, which COMPLETELY removed my acne. If you are even considering this medication, by all means, I recommend it wholeheartedly. NOTEWORTHY: There are SEVERE side effects of this drug. You WILL have cracked, dry, painful, and peeling skin. Imagine the worst case of cracked lips you've ever had and put it all over your body, then make it WORSE and you're getting close to what this thing does. You will be exceedingly light sensitive, and will burn faster and worse than you ever have before, with mere minutes of sun exposure. You can get some nasty headaches with this, but mine weren't as bad as some described. While taking it, the side effects will make your life hell, and you WILL need to moisturize EVERYTHING. For me, my arms cracked and scaled and looked (no exaggeration) like a snakeskin, but with blood clearly visable from the severe cracking of the skin. It's an easy pill to take, and it's almost a sure shot of solving or at least partially removing acne problems, but it does have its costs, and they hurt the whole time you're on it. Overall, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THIS, despite all the horrid dryness and pain that accompanies it, the remediation of my acne was absolutely worth it, and it left me with no acne scars, no acne, and a generally much more positive outlook on life.

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Comment from: Marpaz13-18on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: February 21

I am an 18 year old girl and I'm about to start my final month of accutane. This experience is totally worth it (even though it's VERY expensive). After the first week of being on accutane my acne began to go away! although it didn't disappear completely till the 6th month(out of 8months) I've been almost 2 months acne free and it's great! With accutane the acne will supposedly never come back, which is fantastic ! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! Okay, now I'm sure you want to know the side effects! The first month was really bad. My skin became ridiculously dry. I got bloody noses daily and my lips were peeling. I also had alot of the 'achey' symptoms. (It's still manageable) Around November I developed eczema on my hands from the accutane. I still have the bloody noses(but not as often) and my lips are constantly dry. Make sure to buy A LOT of lipbalm ! the 'aquaphor' lip repair works the best ! The dry lips were probably the worst part. (plus I play an instrument which makes it so much worse) My lips still peel daily. It's nothing I can't handle tho. Unfortunately, though my acne is entirely gone... I still have pretty bad scarring to the point that it looks like I still have acne(and that's going to be pricey to get rid of) . To any parent that isn't sure about accutane- GO FOR IT. Your kids will thank you after the 8 months. probably. If I had the chance to do it again, I totally would. So worth it ! All of my friends are jealous. You must also know that there are monthly blood tests(which was horrible for me because I HATE needles), online questions you must answer before you can pick up your accutane, and (for girls only) a pregnancy test. Again, overall- GREAT EXPERIENCE.

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Comment from: Jspring8925-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: July 23

I feel the rating system for this drug was difficult to complete because although the drug was extremely effective treating my acne, I feel extremely unsatisfied with the effects this drug has done to the rest of my health and am afraid is the result of the difficulties I am dealing with today. My mom worked for a dermatologist and suggested this drug for me when I was 12 or 13 to help treat the acne on my back I was suffering from. Shortly after taking it I started developing psoriasis on my elbows and back of knees pretty bad. I never had it before but after stopping the drug even though it subsided I now continue to get it on my scalp. I also experienced extreme joint pain in which now continued and is diagnosed osteoarthritis when I wad 27. When I was 24 I developed a dvt blood clot and now fear I may have lupus, psoriatic arthritis or some other autoimmune disease because my symptoms are getting far more serious. I was young when I used Accutane and although my acne cleared and haven't developed anything other than an occasional pimple since I don't feel someone my age should be experiencing the health issues I've had and have now. I truly believe taking this drug kick started the issues I am now facing. It was always stressed to me how dangerous this drug could be during my treatment but I dont believe the lasting effects of this drug were/are really know to the fullest extent and could be the culprit to many more and far greater health consequences.

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Comment from: Jon19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: June 03

Goodbye Acne. Hello chronic dryness. Hello anxiety and agitation. Hello chronic gut issues. Hello erectile dysfunction. Only thing that hasn't hit me is joint pain. I am 5 years after treatment and these symptoms persist. 100% fine before.

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Comment from: Lilly19-24 Published: March 09

I had really bad cystic acne and was given many topicals to try before resulting to accutane. I was so scared to try it after hearing horror stories. I decided to go ahead anyway and try it, because nothing else had worked. The 6 months when I was taking the accutane were brutal and my skin would peel off everyday. Aquaphor is a life saver for your lips, and drown your skin in moisturizer. After completing my 6 months I still had a few pimples here and there but nothing compared to what it was like before. After about two months of finishing accutane, my skin smoothed out and no pimples were in sight. I am grateful everyday I took accutane, and would take it again if my acne ever comes back. I did not experience depression or anything like that while taking this drug. I recommend you try accutane if you have acne that will not go away with other treatments. You won’t regret it!!

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Comment from: Egon35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: July 13

Always had acne, but not this bad after i was diagnosed with sarcoidosis which required me to take prednisone (steroid)for a short period of time and whoa did that rx swell me up and caused severe acne. so after one full year (2017) of trying tropical creams and once with solodyn my Dermatologist said Accutane would be the last resort, so here I am at the second month of using and I cannot believe how fast it has worked, my face was always oily and acne didn't help obviously but now my skin has cleared up that it has boosted my self esteem. I am so happy and yes I was also scared of the side effects and so far it's only been my lips being too dry. I do get discouraged by other patients who have had many of the bad side effects and others where they say acne has come back. Because like I said I've only been on it for almost 2 months. Although I still have my sarcoidosis I hope my face stays nice, clean and dry. According to my Dr I will only be on Accutane for 6 mo or less. I hope to come back in the near future and continue to let everyone know how it has worked on me.

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Comment from: George45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 14

I had bad acne from Rosacea at age 45 and nothing was working for me so I asked my doctor to put me on Accutane. It cleared things up but by month 3, my joint pain was so bad I couldnâ??t stand from a seated position from a chair and stopped taking the drug. Now looking back 5 years later, I feel this drugs has done permanent damage to my joints/auto immune system. My feet, hips, and other joints are painful in am. Blood work and xrays show nothing bad but Iâ??m convinced the problem started with this drug. Iâ??m now 50 (6â??4 slim 200 lbs active landscaper) and when I wake up I feel 80. If you have issues with acne rosacea try Solontra cream. It works. A miracle cream.

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Comment from: 13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: September 20


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Comment from: SteveR19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 21

Look acne was so bad for me my dermatoligist once let a student look at me as an example of the worst. Accutane is a miracle. Sure nose bleeds and chapped lips were temporary side effects. So what!!

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Comment from: 13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 08

my acne was horrible. i was embarrassed to walk outside. i hates it. i tried everything and nothing worked like this. honestly no medicine has ever worked better in my life. looking at before and after pictures it’s like i’m a whole new person. i love feeling confident in my own skin and being able to walk around with no makeup.

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Comment from: Dr. Visitor19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 03

Accutane oral = Not effective - dangerous!

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Comment from: 19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 01

I am currently on month 4 of Accutane, I had to stop briefly because my liver enzymes were high, I may have had a few drinks that month but I would have a few sips here and there, I figured I would be fine but yes, do NOT drink AT ALL, I learned the hard way not even a few sips are good. I am back to normal though, I occasionally break out during my period so that sucks but I used to have clogged pores all over my face that never went away and they are GONE! Years of bad skin, and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This has changed my confidence and while it seems scary it has been amazing for me. I didn't even get the bad symptoms besides the liver thing and dry lips but that was tolerable.

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Comment from: Health19-24on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: February 04

I had around 4 pimples. My derm told me to use this medication and all of a sudden I got severe acne. 6 months later i still get like 4 pimples but I have a ton of deep visible acne scars. Agreeing to this medication is the thing I regret the most in my life. Please dont take it.

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Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: November 29

Ive had acne since i was 14 and im now 36. I suffer from acne on my face, back and scalp. Severe folliculitis with postulates which I tell you is an absolute nightmare. I started Roacutan Here in Costa Rica about 1 month ago and i can say that i am acne free. My hair is extremely dry and falls out a lot but this medication really works.

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Comment from: 13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 10

I started using accutane about 6 months ago. My back has improved, but my face hasn't.

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Comment from: Madison13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 11

Comment from: 55-64on Treatment for 5-10 years Published: April 28

Mangosteen has been a life saver for my arthritis. It's anti-inflammatory properties have completely eliminated my pain.

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