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Comment from: LMason25-34on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: July 17

I took this medication for 3 years to treat adult acne. It was wonderful. My face cleared up and I had no issues with acne. I also was taking birth control pills with this medication and when I stopped taking the birth control I noticed I had periods every 2 weeks. This was one of the side effects of the spironolactone. I have stopped taking the spironolactone and my face is breaking out again but period seems to be on the right track again.

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Comment from: rasul sp35-44 Published: April 16

I have been taking this medication for about 6 months has been very good on my hbp.however I start to notice fatty tissue in my chest so I went to the dr. and he got a xray and its gynecomastia other than that an a little potassium spike I believe for me the benefit outweighs the harm

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Comment from: kalsik65-71on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: May 10

I was diagnosed with hepatic cancer which was treated with radio ablation, but as a one of side effect developed severe edema went up to my scrotum and abdomen. edema was treated with Lasix and spironolactone, worked well, but one of side effect gynecomastia ( male breast enlargement)with tenderness. because of that medication was changed to Eplerenone, which I found out has the same side effect, and did not worked for me at all. I am giving second thought to go back to aldosterone despite the side effect. going to call to my doctor If I can go back on it.

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Comment from: 65-71on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: March 11

My Cardiologist put me on 25 mg of Aldactone in 8/16 for edema caused from congestive heart failure, and then increased it to 50 mg a month later. This medication ended up screwing me up terribly, and because my doctor was punching a time clock (10 minutes and out the door to the next patient), he didn't have the time to recognize the terrible side effects I was having. My health was deteriorating so rapidly with weakness so bad that I could not function at all. This is a potassium-sparing drug and must be carefully monitored for high potassium levels that can be life-threatening. Not only did my doctor say anything about this, but never even mentioned needing to have frequent potassium levels done. I am the one who finally figured out what was causing the deterioration of my health -- the Aldactone. I got to another doctor immediately and was taken off this Aldactone. Actually, my new doctor does not even know why this other cardiologist put me on the Aldactone, as I was already on one of the most widely prescribed diuretics for edema from CHF -- 80 mg. of Lasix a day and had been for years. My new doctor spent 1 hr. 45 min. with me on 2/10/17 explaining to me what this other cardiologist should have done. It is wonderful to know that doctors are more interested in profits and rewards than the health and well-being of their patients. They take an oath "to do no harm," and the harm this medication has done to me, I will be a long, long time coming out of.

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