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Comment from: emcc569635-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: July 13

This is a very effective drug. But for those who want a little insight on how effective it is. I was taking 500mg for one week and decided I wanted to drink on the weekend for a family event. So Wed. morning was the last time I took a pill. I figured by Thursday night I might be able to have a couple drinks. I knew I was risking it, and I did. 1 beer, 1 vodka and I was completely red, tight chest, rapid heart beat, vertigo. Ok so I pass out. I try the next night with one beer, same thing. The following day with two beers, same thing. I was a glutton for punishment. Bottom line, don't do it. I know I should be on the drug, so I started taking it again, and its great because it completely shuts down the idea that you can have even one. I think, oh well I won't take the drug for a day or two, but then I remember that doesn't matter because it'll stay in my system for days if not weeks, so I just keep taking it, and it definitely keeps me sober. Till I get over the three month hump I will keep taking it. I've used it before and it was very effective. I stayed sober for a year and a half. Now I just have to start this all over again. But never give up folks, it's a life long battle. If you fall, just pull yourself up and do what you know what works. This worked before and it'll work again. Good luck to us all. Oh, I also recommend coupling this vivitrol, it'll help with the cravings. I used the vivitrol for over a year. The antabuse I could only use for two months last time because it gave me a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. Hope this helps.

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Comment from: Help2235-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: August 24

My life was falling apart. I was depressed and drinking to hide from my emotions then depressed because I was drinking at least 12 beers a day without fail. Rehab was not an option because of the chance of losing my job and this was my last attempt to save my marriage. I have no cravings, but I'll admit I took my first 250mg pill with a beer in the morning. The side effects lasted all day and so far into the next. Terrible stomach cramps, diarhea, horrible headache and inability to eat. However, I have to say the cravings are gone I have no desire to drink and I'm hoping these symptoms were a result of my stupid decision to get in one last beer.

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Comment from: Lbgarden45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: October 18

I tried to drink my life away..finally committed to sobriety. After a week in a detox center my doctor started me on Antabuse and antidepressants. Took a couple of weeks for everything to settle in my system. It still makes me a little tired but I love life now... 928 days later �️ Go to meetings, get a sponsor and you can do it, One day at a time. I'm so blessed!

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Comment from: Angela45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: May 19

I started Antabuse 2 days ago while drinking. I feel absolutely horrible.i will abstain now as I know how it feels. I just wanted to test it first-hand and boy, I learnt the hard way!

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Comment from: Pm62425-34on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: June 23

If you are struggling with alcoholism or drinking too much, AND YOU ARE 100% COMMITTED to stop drinking, this is the best thing that has ever been added to my treatment plan. This medication needs to be taken in conjunction with some kind of therapy, recovery meetings, or a committed support system. This medication does not help withdrawal symptoms. If you are having withdrawal symptoms see your doctor. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL AT ALL WHAT SO EVER while on this medication. The warming label text about consuming alcoholic beverages is not a joke. Please don't let this scare you from taking it. If you mess up it's ok. I promise you will not being doing that again. With that said, if you do drink while taking this medication you will be experiencing very similar symptoms of detox. I knew I was serious about staying sober and quite frankly part of me thought I would be fine. I was very unpleasantly, but gratefully reminded how much better I feel not drinking alcohol.

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Comment from: jacalyn45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: February 25

anyone, had gel nails removed while on Antabuse?

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