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Augmentin XR


Comment from: Mnashville25-34on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 06

I was given this drug for strep throat. My strep throat symptoms cleared up within a day. But three hours after starting the antibiotics I started having diarrhea. The diarrhea got so bad I experienced 22 episodes in 24 hours before finally calling my doctor and stopping the medication. I was not eating and I was still producing diarrhea. I became dehydrated and lost 7 pounds in 36 hours. Not safe, I will not use again.

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Comment from: AlexMorgan25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: March 09

I’m 34 years old bought Augmentin without a prescription at an online pharmacy, I liked this drug very much, I treated an ear infection with other ineffective drugs for a long time, but the doctor advised me to buy Augmentin at a local pharmacy, the price at a local pharmacy was too high, then I turned to the Internet to buy drug at a low price, I bought here i don’t know if they are selling or not, but the quality of the pharmacy is high, the drug came to me literally 3 days after ordering. The only disadvantage of this drug is the strong side effects. But you can forget about the ear infection for a long time!

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Comment from: J7345-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: November 01

Requested Augmentin due to knowing I was being undertreated for Swimmer's Ear and a mild infection of the outer ear canal. My main problem that the ENT was not addressing was the massive sinus fluid built up in my middle ear. My experience: took it immediately at the pharmacy with water on an empty stomach. NO problem. Days 2-3 I followed the bottle directions and took w/food. Serious diarrhea, gas, and burping. I went back to taking it on an empty stomach, twice a day, and NO problem. On day 6, I had a low (under 100) fever. I think the med finally built up enough to get my immune system to recognize and clean out the infection. Took Advil. I did read another review that said the person had problems sleeping, and I will say that I had the same problem, until day 9, and then I finally slept 11 hours straight. I think it has to do with your body fighting the infection. In all, I finally have ALL of my hearing back in that right ear, the sinus fluid has cleared out, and the mild burning from the external infection is gone. Definitely need to take the entire 10 days of this!! If your stomach gets upset with food, try an empty stomach if you don't have a sensitive stomach. I remember pills used to be marked not to take with dairy. When I was taking this with yogurt, per all the other reviews here, that is when I had major GI distress. Empty = no problems. I'm just glad in this humid, forever-raining Ohio late fall weather that my ears are clear. I do feel a little under the weather and not quite on my game when trying to exercise again, but I think we underestimate the meds and the immune system, and what they take away from your strength while fighting infection. Giving this a great review because it fixed everything, but it did take at least 9 of the 10 days to do it. Around day 6, I could hear pretty good, but the ear drum kept popping and going back and forth for quite a while. It's good for bronchitis. Keep that in mind if your sinus infections usually go south!

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