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Comment from: SeePalm35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: January 18

I was prescribed this medication along with a nasal steroid spray for 10 days to treat a sinus infection. Day 1 - took the first dose and vomited an hour later. Day 2 - slept most of the day and my cold pretty much dried up and sinus pressure greatly decreased. Day 3 - got diarrhea, moved time of dose to before bed and had no more stomach issues. Day 4 - woke up at 2 am with a cold on the left side of my head - left eye and nostril leaked constantly, left side of throat sore. Day 5 - cold completely dried up again, throat still sore. Sinus pressure almost gone Day 6 - Sore throat and ankles hurt. Sinus pain gone. Day 6 - ankles still sore, throat improving. Was going to call the doctor if ankle pain persisted. I was so far into the the course of meds, I was hoping just to get through it. Day 7 - no issues. Day 8 - diarrhea Day 9 - started getting a little dizzy/faint when walking in late afternoon and some blurred vision. Day 10 - itchy rash appeared on feet and ankles and dizziness when walking increased, still blurred vision. So glad to be done and hoping this will end all the bizarre side effects. It cleared my sinus infection but the side effects were horrendous and ever-changing. I have never had a reaction to any antibiotic before and I would never take this drug again.

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Comment from: Doris Teo45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: November 09

I have suffered depression since started to take this medicine. With my doctor's consent after knowing the side effect, I have stopped the course of antibiotic even though I have 2 more tablets to complete the course. The depression has taken a great toll on my life. After stopping the side effect still linger for a week's time.

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Comment from: ailing 65-71 Published: October 28

had pneumonia coming up 3 months been on avelox since, infection always present

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