Comment from: j35-44on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: May 15

I wish I had tried this medication years ago. I am on a dosage of 15mg 2x daily. I am more able to handle routine or not-so-routine anxiety producing events in my life, my mind is calmer, I now deal with issues as they arise instead of letting my mind go hay-wire worrying about things that may or may not happen.

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Comment from: catecbs45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 08

shaking, dizziness, irribility, couln't concetrate. I was on this medication for about 2 weeks. I have not taken it for 4 days now. I'm still shaking. It created more anxiety.

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Comment from: 19-24on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: March 22

So I just started taking this medication and before I took it I came on this site and read the reviews and boy was I scared. But, so far I've been surprised. With in minutes of taking this medication I got relief. I have panic attacks where I feel like my heart is going to pump out of my chest and even when I do get a little anxious with it I get hot for a few minutes and then I'm fine. what I did for anyone whose nervous the 7.5mg pills can be cut in half my doctor prescribed 7.5mg twice a day so I do the halfs 4 times a day. For me I feel like I'm more in control that way so if I do happen to start having a bad reaction it's less medicstIon my body has to get rid of. Honestly, I need it at the 4 hour mark I can feel it. If ur nervous about trying the medication I recommend it over SSRI,s. I've taken SSRI's - Zoloft made me sleep forever, Paxil made me wacky and celexa I gained 30 pounds in a year, was numb to the world and had eye twitching. So those are not for me so I went off them and have been trying to do it on my own for 3 years. But here I am 3 years later with the same issues, so hopefully this works for me. Side effects for me so far a little dizzy/airy for the first house after taking it but made it through an 8 hours work day no problem. I will try to repost when I've been on this for a while .

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Comment from: Skittles45-54on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: April 22

After being on Zoloft for four months and without relief from daily, crippling anxiety, I asked my doctor for Buspar. I was started on Buspar7.5mg twice per day. Within a week, the anxiety had decreased significantly and by one month the anxiety was almost gone. It's hard for me to say if there were side effects because Zoloft has so many for me. I would say talk to your doctor and give it a try if nothing else has worked for you.

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Comment from: modernmedicinegal19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 22

I have taken this medication for about 3 months. I noticed myself getting better after a few weeks. When I first started taking it, I took it first thing in the morning without food and it made me feel dizzy and nauseous. Now I take it after having eaten a snack and plenty of water. I take 10mg twice a day. Before taking Buspirone I was having anxiety attacks in public, random outbursts of anger , and crying spells. I now feel so much more calm, relaxed, and level-headed. I was finally able to get my life back all thanks to this medication.

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Comment from: Kitty112055-64on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: November 12

I started taking this medication 10 days ago; as I was weaning myself off Paxil, per my doctor's instructions. I've been completely off Paxil for the last 4 days and only on Buspar (30 mg/day). I'm very dizzy, have difficulty going to sleep, partly because my legs won't stop moving, and I feel more angry than usual. I experience whooshing in my ears, shortness of breath, and palpitations in my chest. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow, because Buspar sure isn't working without terrible side effects.

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Comment from: 19-24on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: May 03

WARNING DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! I took BuSpar for 4 DAYS for anxiety and minor depression and not only did this drug make me suicidal, it made me HOMICIDAL. Luckily I contacted my doctor and got the help I needed. I will never take this drug again it is actually on my allergy list. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!

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Comment from: jadedpluto65-71on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: March 11

On it for 10 days. Was nauseous & suffered headaches for the first 5 days, but over the last five days I've been unable to sleep, have been unendingly restless and now have begun to snap irrationally at my family. I was on lorazepam as needed but the IDIOTS who abused it have left me without the one single med that worked for me--now I'm feeling as if there is nothing to help me. I was never depressed before, but now I feel hopeless and wondering if I'll ever find a way to deal with the burden of anxiety. I suspect I'll have to go off of this med, but this time without the one thing that helped before. Very frustrated.

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Comment from: Cal35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 10

Added to my Prozac for anxiety. Seems to take the edge off.

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Comment from: Trinity_Mitchell 13-18on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: December 12

Either people love this medication or hate it. it did not work for me- i took it and instantly got panic attacks... My mother refuses to take me off it due to the fact we lowerd my dose on my depression meds but if you can- DECLINE the offer of taking Buspar.

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Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: March 14

It doesn't seem to work that well for me. Xanax is much better.

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Comment from: 55-64on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: June 07

This medication has helped me tremendously with persistent worry and bursts of anger. I find myself sleeping through the night, singing during the day and not so controlling at work. Like a ton of weight lifted off my shoulders.

Comment from: pdn519-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 01

I started buspar for generalized anxiety disorder, with plans of also starting wellbutrin for major depression. It took several weeks to take effect, but now I am sure that it has. Most anxiety symptoms seem to be "blocked" after 4-weeks, which is as neat as it is interesting. I sometimes reflexively think "wow, I would normally be super anxious after [stimulus] occurs" but obsessive worrying, catastrophizing, and fight-or-flight seems to be unable to manifest. Yesterday, I even thought a lot about my potential commitment to someone, which usually brings tons of anxiety, and felt a pretty normal level of mild nervousness. High levels of anxiety still occur, but it occurs much less and based upon more reasonable stimuli, also without the obsessive worrying. So this is what it is like to be normal. :D I also haven't felt many depressive symptoms since the drug has taken effect, however, I feel that may be a temporary ancillary effect of progress happening in my life. I am unsure of whether to start on wellbutrin, but may hold off if this improvement is maintained. Side-effects include dizziness between 30 minutes and one hour after taking the medication (half-hour duration) and jaw pain. Potentially blood pressure increase, but that is hard to track; I already have pre-hypertension. Both side-effects are annoying, but I would take them any and everyday to reap the benefits of having significantly reduced anxiety.

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Comment from: Nervousnertz55-64on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: February 21

I've just been on buspar for 10 days but I see more side effects than I do help from anxiety. It's giving me headaches, insomnia, drowsiness, and drug-like state all day. I'm hoping the side effects soon go away and the frug becomes more effective.

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Comment from: Lcs003225-34on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: April 15

I had the hardest time finding the right medication for my anxiety issues. I tried many different SSRI’s which all made me manic. I was terrified to try anything else but then I had a family member recommend buspar. It has changed my life. It did increase my anxiety slightly when I first started it, but that was only for a bout 5 days and then I felt way better. I increased my dose very slowly and now I’m finally on a dose (15 mg a day) that works for me. Only thing is it does make me dizzy when I take it so I take the full dose at night before bed.

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Comment from: Mad old man. 45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 14

First week I slept 15 hrs in 7 days. Second week I am still dealing with insomnia. My heart rate has slowed, however if I exercise or raise my heart rate at all it feels like I am having a heart attack.(very sharp pains lasting until I take 1 mg. Alprazolam. I do not recommend busporin to anyone who is a little hypertensive normally. My physician is scared to give me alprazolam anymore because he thinks he will go to prison. I take at most 30 a month of .05 mg. And is the only med. that works for me for four years now. So thank you to all you drug addicts for abusing alprazolam so people that actually benefit from it canâ??t get it anymore!!!

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Comment from: pj13-18on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: September 24

17 yrs; started having panic attacks out of the blue few weeks ago, ended up in ER, was under constant attack and symptoms, was prescribed Buspar 7.5 mg twice. been taking for a week and just now noticing improvement with major side effects; a headache, heaviness in chest, fogginess, nausea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, ( i didn't eat for 3 days) sometimes depressive thoughts and emotional spells. despite the effects, I'm going to wait it out for a few more weeks to see if effects go away

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Comment from: Bill Clifford 201625-34on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: January 19

READ THIS I had a very terrible Generalized Anxiety Disorder due to a substance abuse in 2009. I suffered horribly both physically and mentally, I didn't understand what was happening to me, I was totally confused and devastated for 2 whole years, I even had to drop from school and work. I visited so many hospitals and even churches for healing without success. I attempted suicide twice but God delivered me. This is one of the worst ailments one can suffer from because you will prefer to be dead instead. To cut the whole story God in January 2014 intervened and I happened to meet a well known Doctor from Ghana but currently working in Abuja, Nigeria online, infact it was he that first diagnosed that I was suffering from severe Generalized Anxiety disorders, he said that within 1 year I will be completely healed from all my Generalized Anxiety disorder and my life will be back to normal but it requires that I should follow his instructions and steps very carefully. he started his treatment by recommending Buspar 20mg for the 1st month then increase it to 50mg. I started improving after 6 weeks. However it wasn't based on drugs alone because it involves other things and miraculously 13 months later I was completely healed and I stopped taking drugs for Anxiety disorder. I got my life back, my old friends returned, I resumed school, work and even made new friends. Now it's been 10 months now and I have never witnessed any form of Anxiety disorder, of course normal anxiety comes once in a while but it is nothing serious and I easily cope with it. If you are suffering from this nightmare you seriously need help, Anxiety and Panic Disorders can be very frustrating, depressing and debilitating, it will ruin your social life, ruin your career and can even make you commit suicide. Taking drugs alone will not treat it completely and you might have to take it for life. Contact [email protected] for very effective help

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Comment from: blep45-54on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: July 17

This drug has saved my life.

Comment from: CAinWC35-44on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: September 18

I take it for anxiety. Have taken it for 3 weeks. Half dose the first week, then full dose. I have noticed that I am restless when I take this, such that there is a near constant desire (feeling in my bladder area) that I have to be moving. It is very annoying. I am not sure how to describe it really, but it seems that it is anxiety related. I have also experienced the headaches and nausia, lightheadedness and dizziness with this as well. Overall this does not seem to be effective for me, and I am going to tell my doctor to discontinue it for me. I have previously been on Lexapro and Cymbalta. Lexapro had sexual side effects so we tried the other drugs, but I think i'd go back to it over this drug. I also take Welbutrin for depression, and that seems to work well.

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Comment from: Bobbie55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: August 07

I can't take this anymore. I've had insomnia, panic attack, lump in throat, mask face, brain fog, light headed, hard to breathe, rash on my ears, shakiness, muscle aches, increased urination, headache,dizziness, catatonic starring, increased anxiety (the reason I'm taking it!) non stop crying all because of increase of dose since oo hospital from failed suicide, am on Welbutrin 150 mg a day. Was taken off Klonopin and Gabapentin due to overdose of each. Have been taking all three for a while until hospital. Now just Welbutrin and Buspar with an increase from 2 pills a day to 3 and I can't take it anymore!

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Comment from: Carina19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: May 05

This medicine has been extremely effective for my anxiety, but it makes me feel exhausted and depressed. I’m a petite person who is sensitive to meds so I’m on a very low dose (5mg once a day). Before taking this I was constantly restless and having extreme anxiety all the time. Now I only feel anxiety when there’s a real reason for it. BUT I think I’m going to ask my doctor to go off of it anyway, because it’s making my depression so bad. My depression had been under control for months and since I’ve started taking this I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I sleep 8-9 hours a night and still feel like I need to nap all day.

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Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 17

At 15 mg I slept all day. Lowered to 10 mg and now I’m angry all the time, snapping at everyone, and feel totally paranoid. Even weening off of it I can’t shake the feeling. Oh and did I mention the blinding headaches I get every day now? Stay away from this junk.

Comment from: Cat25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 30

I have been on buspar for over a month now they started me off at 5mg 3 times a day and just recently upped my dose to 10mg 3 times a day. This medicine doesn't work for me.

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Comment from: Danon Treatment for 1-6 months Published: December 19

I was on 30 mg a day, I felt nauseous, lightheaded, and very drowsy. This drug did nothing for me but give me more problems. I’m only taking 7.5mg a day for another week then I’m done with this medicine.

Comment from: john55-64on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: September 04

the side effects are pretty annoying. clamminess, headache, fast heartbeat. i took this drug yrs ago and it helped. but now ...not so much

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Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 28

Overall, this didn't phase us at all. 2 people who tried it with zero positive results. Male and female

Comment from: Ian25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 17

3 months now no anxiety attacks

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Comment from: judy55-64 Published: September 08

Been using for over 1 year, last week dose was increased to 15 mg three times a day. was happy with previous dose of 15 twice a day, however I asked whether there was room for improvement, hence increase. I loved it from the get go because I was no longer have anxious moments, road rage- grocery store included - so now I am looking for the final answer. It's been three days and I feel an amazing calm in my SOUL that I have never felt. I am so sorry or the people that it isn't working for. I have been looking for an answer for over 30 years, doctors always puting me on anti depressants, which I also am taking lexapro 20 mgs at night. I am praying that this is the answer.

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Comment from: 75 or overon Treatment for less than 1 month Published: July 24

Take a couple of asprin will be just as good

Comment from: USA_Doctors_Suck45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: March 22

Photosensitivity, sunburn.

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