Comment from: Spiritpony 45-54 Male 1 to less than 2 years Patient Published: July 18

I have had Chronic Insomnia for since my early Twenties. Back then I used Methaquaalone, Placidyl, Valmid, Nembutal, Tuinal, and GHB, in addition to many others including Butisol Sodium. The Butisol works very well as an Sedative/Hypnotic, Onset of Drowsiness between 30 minutes to 1 Hour and from a 50mg Dose Natural Feeling Sleep Duration is about 6 hours. The only down side is it's Cost. I'm very happy that they still manufacture this Medicine because for some people like me a Barbituate with Sedative/Hypnotic properties is the only thing allows me Quality Sleep.

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Comment from: delysid 55-64 Male less than 1 month Caregiver Published: May 02

In the very extreme moments of anxiety that Xanax couldn't touch Butisol was helpfull. It allowed me to stay in one piece. But the price is high. I became not intoxicated but had strange experiences like an inability to read. The hypnotic effect would take over within a few seconds and I entered a strange state that could not be said to be aware or focuse but rather dreamy and felt I was still "present". What I was reading I began to dream when,in fact,I was making it up-writing it in my head. I would drop my book-many times-believing that I just had to concentrate. I repeated this many times. Oddly, I could get up and function without my family knowing I had taken the medication,but if I watched TV,read-I was GONE! It always boils down to a "Risk-Benefit Ratio'. This drug also strikes when you drive so I stopped driving despite seeming in control when active. I am convinced How" you use your eyes adds to the hypnotic take-over. Driving is hypnotic in itself-don't even try as you may not ever know if you will live to relate your experience. Think of coming to only to find out you lost awareness for 2 seconds and .........killed1,2,20 children.

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Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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