Comment from: Karen45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: February 03

My doctor put me on this after I had an allergic reaction to Maxzide (diuretic). After 4 days my fingers, feet, and ankles were swollen. My blood pressure was high. I thought the swelling was due to me no longer taking the diuretic until I came back to WebMd and read the side effects again. I will not be continuing with this drug.

Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 30

I have experienced less migraines than I used to. The intensity is also less than before.

Comment from: 35-44on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: May 18

Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 2-5 years Published: March 05

I take this medication for migraine and high blood pressure. Works well for both. I would be non functional without it. I was on verapamil but it stopped working so we went back to Calan.

Comment from: L Webster55-64on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: March 26

My doctor actually gave it to me for high-blood pressure and Angina. After a month or so I wasn't waking up with the chest pain which was very frightening. The Angina seems to be under control and my blood pressure is the best it has ever been.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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