Published: February 14

11/04: began 4 treatments with Cisplatin, in conjunction with 40 treatments of IMRT (radiation) for Head/Neck CA (occult tumor). So far no recurrence, but the chemo brain has become a terrible handicap.

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Comment from: Tonsilgirl45-54on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: August 08

2009 stage 4 tumor left tonsil.Same day surgery, removed 90%. After G.I. inserted feeding tube, started 80 radiation treatments w/3 rounds of chemo..first day, middle of treatment and last day.8a.m.thru ,5p.m. w/8 bags of saline simultaneously to protect kidneys.Thyroid and most saliva glands destroyed by rad, now take thyroid drug daily, and lots of h2o for dry mouth.Nausea controlled very well with meds. Scar tissue in throat has never improved, so after 2+years on feed tube, am very careful about choking episodes.pills need crushing or cutting up...also had all my teeth removed right before treatment started, as I needed extensive dental work which drs said no time to complete...they wanted me to start chemo etc immediately after surgery and feeding tube placement.Very fatigued thru treatment,with 80lb weight loss.Mouth was severely painful with very thick thrush,med.rinses etc not effective.Also, severe diarrhea and dehydration, you just don't want anything, even water in your mouth.Took me a long time to regain any energy,and not getting adequate nutrition had alot to do with that....I lived on Ensure in feeding tube. 8 years out, I'm totally clear, and very grateful.I have significant hearing loss, vision changes, memory loss. Thought these might eventually clear up, but after 8 years.....Food and beverages taste awful, particularly wine, which I was very into. All in all? I've seen alot worse experiences. I now know from all my subsequent reading and research that if I had had more time to prepare, I could've helped myself alot more, but it was a totally unexpected shock, and I was rushed into everything with my drs and all other caregivers directing me to one appt to the next in a blur! Today I would do things differently, but am very happy overall with the efficacy of the cistplatin. Most side effects were handled completely with medication.Long term? Time will tell......

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Comment from: 55-64on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: February 15

Age 57 male tumor above tonsils surgery not a option,chemo 6 cycles plus 25 rad.3 years remission, still have bad headaches, back pain, swallowing hard.taste 50% back .no hair loss at all.

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Comment from: AllisonX55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: July 08

Relapsed non-hodgkin lymohoma. The chemo nearly killed me. 11 days in hospital with non-stop vomiting. Initially the tumours shrunk, only to return 10 days later. The most horrible if chemos.


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