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there is pus in my stool

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Responding to the one review included here, there is a wealth of scientific evidence that this supplement is ineffective and poses many risks. This is a summary of one review from NYU medical center. More research can be located if you look at the bibliography on the page. Please do not believe this fool. "Androstenedione is said to enhance athletic performance and strength by increasing testosterone production, thereby building muscle. However, in double-blind studies, when androstenedione was given to men, it did not alter total testosterone levels, nor improve sports performance, strength, or lean body mass. (2–7 links to studies) It did, however, increase estrogen levels, an effect that would not be considered favorable. Curiously, some evidence suggests that androstenedione does raise testosterone levels levels in women; again, this is not likely to produce favorable results, and it could cause harm (see Safety Issues ). 8,11 The most consistent effect of androstenedione is to increase estrogen levels.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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