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Creon 20


Comment from: suzanne45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: February 23

i tried creon and all the other nhs enzymes but they all made my pancreatitis worse than ever, so i started taking a plant based enzyme called botanogest and it was amazing, it completely stopped all my pancreatitis stopped all my bowel problems stopped all my stomach pain completely, also i didnt need any painkillers either whatsoever, plus i could also eat anything i wanted with this including cake chocolates greasy fry ups chinese food fizzy pop greasy and fatty foods etc, also this tablet made the scarring completely vanish from my pancreas i have medical mri scans and hospital tests to prove this, sadly this tablet has been discontinued recently,im desperately begging the company metagenics to bring this product back as without it ill need a feeding tube plus it could help millions of people with pancreatitis i believe.

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