Comment from: dlc, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: February 18

Crestor was prescribed to me in Sept. 07, I took it for 3 weeks, starting experiencing several muscle and joint pain, upset stomach,had problems walking, disoriented. Called my doctor and she told me to continue taking, could not be the Crestor. I took myself off the Crestor. To this day I have severe muscle and joint pain, and experienced kindey failure to follow. It is Feb. 08 and I'm still having the problems, I was fine until I took the Crestor Drug, this is a very dangerous drug and I urge everyone to be very careful, before taking this drug.

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Comment from: Suz, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: March 21

I am an RN and was put on this drug 6 months ago (8/2009). It brought my cholesterol down to 162 from 309--very effective, BUT--I I have developed severe pain in my hips, my thigh muscles, fingers have been difficult to move, shortness of breath, etc. I discontinued taking it 1 week ago today and am feleing 100% better. I still have now have hip pain, BUT will not take this drug again. I will do all that I can to exercise, eat healthier, and if need be take natural herbs to reduce my cholesterol. After reading all that everyone here has stated, I know for a fact that my severe pain was from this drug. My concern would be if people stay on this drug--what would be the long term effects for them. Please use wtih caution and read about ALL your medications and side effects. Thank You and I usually do not write into these types of blogs, but felt it extremely necessary as a patient and RN to let others know as well.

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Comment from: mchapman, 55-64 Female on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: February 08

(Musle Pain, depression, fatigue) I have long history of problems with statins. 1997 had a heart attack followed by all the medication, statins included. Through the following couple of years I had high fatigue, weakness throughout my body, loss of energy. Then I was diagnosed with depression. The doctor’s started me on antidepressants which made my symptoms’ worse to the point of attempting suicide! I’m thankful I was not successful. After release from the hospital I research the meds I had been taking a discovered most of my problems could have been caused by medication. I immediately stopped taking all medications. 2 weeks later I felt much better, 4 weeks later I felt like a human again. My old self was back! I was now energetic and thinking clearly, ready to tackle life and its problems. I even felt like exercising and began daily 1-2 mile power walks. 6 week checkup the doctor was very impressed how well I am doing and to keep it up. He asked what I was doing to improve so well. My response, I was “I stopped all medication” which included statins. I’ve been off statins since 2000. I tried the different statins through the years and experienced the return of the same side effects then stopped the statins and began to feel better again. 2 weeks ago my doctor tried my on Crestor. I agreed only because I had never been on Crestor but he stated that this statin was different. I gave in, and now after 2 weeks I’m experiencing severe muscle pain in my shoulders and arms, my biceps feel like they’re being ripped from the bone, constant ringing in the ears, fatigue, sleep problems as a result of the constant muscle pain, constant nightmares and last but not least… I’m beginning to feel the depression setting in! I’m stopping Crestor immediately! I’d rather live a shorter happy and active fruitful life then a longer miserable life filled with pain, misery and low cholesterol. I recommend not to give up your quality of live for a lower cholesterol number.

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Comment from: dillinger53, 55-64 Female on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: July 03

I was prescribed Crestor due to the ineffectiveness of other "statins" and cholesterol lowering meds, ie: Gemfibrozil. Zocor etc. I took Crestor 20mg for 2 weeks, and have suffered severe symptoms such as leg muscle pain, lightheadiness, nausea. I could not walk 3 blocks without the need to sit down due to severe pain in legs, buttocks, shoulders, and feet. I have had chronic pain in my back for years due to a spinal cord injury, and feel the pain has been exacerbated due to taking this medication. I have been prescribed Viagra due to a blood pressure medication, and find this (Viagra) is no longer effective since starting Crestor. It is making me impotent. The Viagra has always worked for me before, but since I started taking Crestor taking Viagra seems moot! The doctor started me on Crestor because the other "statins" were not effective. My numbers weren`t extremely high, but where there is a family history of heart disease, she (DR) decided to use the "big guns" (Crestor). My only hope now is that these current symptoms are not permanent. Had I known the risk, especially the chance of getting a muscle disease from taking Crestor, I would have reconsidered even starting it. Admittedly, I should have asked more questions about the side effects of this med, but being with this doctor for quite a while, and she knowing my medication history, I put my trust in her. My advice to anyone getting ready to start a regimen of Crestor, is to do a lot of research, and not be afraid to ask questions to your doctor. It could save you a lot of grief. In my case, the benefits did not outweigh the side effects of taking this medication. I hope this helps at least one person.

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Comment from: kwilks, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: February 03

I took this drug for two weeks, My feet and legs hurt so bad I could hardly stand on them and my job requires me to stand. I quit it after 2 weeks and the leg pain stopped the next day but I have developed an irregular heat beat. Now I will have to have treatment for this. I do not recomend this drug. The health problems it causes only adds to the original problem. 

Comment from: 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: February 25

Never again. Like many, I developed horrible cramps and muscle pain to the point I couldn't function on a day to day basis. Plus, it lowered my HDLs down to the risk level. So, I took myself off the medication and it took weeks before I was nearly back to normal. Months later, I do wonder if I have some permanent damage. I have learned many things since then. I was always told by Doctors don't eat after midnight for a cholesterol test. I would snack late into the night, but always stopped at midnight. I always had my blood taken first thing in morning so I could eat breakfast later. I have since found out one should fast 10 - 12 hours at a minimum, and certain foods will impact the test if eaten within 24 hours. After I did the "no eating after midnight fast", my total cholesterol was near 300...very high. Again my PA wanted to put me on another Statin. I said No. After reading this website and others, I waited a couple of weeks for a second test. This time, I just ate fruit, oatmeal and veggie soup then fasted 12 hours. My total cholesterol dropped to 224 and all of my numbers were near optimal except my LDLs. Since I don't have a genetic propensity for high cholesterol, I decided to make some lifestyle changes to get where I need to be. Plus, even with an elevated LDL, other tests suggest my lifestyle makes up for my slightly elevated LDLs. I wonder how many people are being prescribed Crestor due to improper testing. The upside, it forced me to become even more responsible for my health; don't take doctors/PAs opinion or lab results as the gospel (my mistake), and I have improved my diet and lifestyle because I never want to take crestor or another statin again. I hope my horrible experience with Crestor will help you.

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Comment from: nonbeliever, 45-54 on Treatment for 5-10 years (Patient) Published: January 04

Yes it worked at lowering my cholesterol, very easy to use, took it every evening. Took it for almost 8 years. Went out of town unexpectedly for family emergency. Forgot and left Crestor at home, After three days of NOT taking it ,my body quit hurting, YES it quit hurting, I knew right then and there, that it was because I was,nt taking Crestor. I will eat better, exercise more and swear to all that is Holy that I will take better care of myself. I,m not writing this letter without doing my homework on the matter, I have researched the facts about Crestor, I truly suffered a lot of the side effects, It was after missing the week and a half doses (out of town without med)that I realized what it was doing to my body. Best Of Luck to all of You,

Comment from: Sufferer, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: October 19

READ THIS REVIEW. Within 3-4 weeks I developed unusual sensations in my thighs which woke me up at night - like a million ants were crawling, like electricity was running through them, or like they were vibrating. Through the day I would be fine, and at night I would fall asleep fine. But after a few hours of sleep I would wake up with that sensation and need to massage my legs, hold them up in the air or do leg exercises to try to make the sensation go away. These steps provided some relief, but usually only during such activity. Eventually, after 2 hours of tossing- turning-massaging-walking etc., I would eventully fall back to sleep due to pure exhaustion. I decided to stop taking the drug without consulting my doctor. I was off it for 3 days and noticed no change in these sensation when I had to see him again. He assured my it was not a side effect from crestor so he recommended I see a sleep specialist for restless leg syndrome. I resumed crestor, and the sensation got progressively worse. First I would sleep 5 hours than wake up with that sensation and be tossing-turning-exercising for 2 hours. Then I would only sleep 4 hours. Then 3. Then 2. Soon, I was only sleeping 3 hours a day - 1.5 hours sleep, then wake up and do my toss-turn-massage-exercise for 2 hours, sleep 1.5 hours, toss-turn-massage-exercise for 2 hours, then it was time to go to work. Misery! I went to ER and they gave me sleeping pills and said it may be a problem with my thyroid. I was put on meds for RLS - which did not work. I eventually was sent to a neurologist, and after 3 MRI's, an EMG, a thyroid panel, numerous RLS meds, and various nerve meds, she said it was a side effect from crestor. Within 7 days I was able to sleep 6 hours without a problem. Wish I had stopped it earlier! ALWAYS get multiple opinions from doctors - they are capable of a misdiagnosis. Know your body and your symptoms and seek to make correlations between meds, diets, etc. Research things yourself, like here at weMD

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Comment from: 55-64 Female on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: October 23

I began taking Crestor (10 mg) in June. My cholesterol level dropped from 235 to 135 in four months. However, I began experiencing hip and knee pain. It became painful to walk, and the pain was so great I was having difficulty sleeping a night. Aleve and Tylenol Arthritis didn't totally eliminate the pain. Overall, my quality of life has been significantly effected. My doctor also takes Crestor and told me he didn't think my experience was due to the drug. He is currently testing me for arthritis. However, after reading the reviews on WEB MD, I am 95% certain my effects are die to the drugs. I will stop the drug today. Thank you to those who posted and explained their experience. I will try to lower my cholesterol via diet, exercise, and perhaps some natural remedies.

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Comment from: pb, 55-64 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: May 08

I have been on crestor 5mg for about 3 yrs. I first noticed hip pain after excercise and middle of the night leg cramps. I stopped taking it around 3 months ago because of extreme hip pain. I can hardly get off the stool. I must stop and rest when on a short walk. The extreme hip pain has subsided somewhat but not enough to be able to enjoy a walk or even due my housework. I wish I would have paid more attention to what my body was screaming. I pray that this pain will go away but I am very concerned. I know my doctor will want to tests. But I know crestor it the villian. What can we do to stop this?

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Comment from: off it and happy, 55-64 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: June 09

Family hx of high cholesterol - suddenly mine spiked so they put me on Crestor. I kept saying on knee hurt - MRI - nothing. My bones felt as if they were on fire after the slightest bit of exercise. Weight gain - they said it was post menopause. Insomnia which I never had, constantly clearly phlegm from my throat, and exhausted like I couldn't believe. The doc kept telling me it was my age...When my kidney function started to tank, they had to take me off Crestor. Within 3 weeks I noticed HUGE changes... Now 3 months later I'm back to my normal activities, no more insomnia, etc. Never put all the other side effects together until I came off this dismal drug. Have told multiple people about the exhaustion and the insomnia - everyone who has stopped the drug has also had those symptoms relieved. I believe the drug company needs to do further research - it can't be a coincidence that this many people have the same side-effects. Really unfortunate b/c my numbers did drop like a rock - but my quality of life was too severely affected - I'll just eat vegetables, thank you.

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Comment from: phgowland, 55-64 on Treatment for 10+ years (Patient) Published: July 26

After taking Crestor 10mg for 3yrs with only occasional leg cramps, I had a really bad experience with the leg cramps becoming serve. It then moved to foot cramps, & muscle pain in my arms,back,neck,&jaw. Went to Dr who felt it was not the Crestor but a cirrculation problem. I felt like I was having a stroke & had a CAT scan on my brain-negative. Went to cardiologist on as pain was in jaw. Stress test-negative-said heart/cirrculation was fine. Took myself off Crestor 7 days into this and felt better but still have bad days. Cardiologist advised to take Cholestoff-an over-the-counter medication that has all the benefits of a statin and supposedly none of the side-effects and stay off statins! I am certainly going to give it a try. The public needs and has the right to know that alternatives to these potentially dangerous statin drugs exist.

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Comment from: dfloydr, 65-74 Female on Treatment for 1-2 years Published: October 28

This medication did a good job of dropping my cholesterol levels. I quit because of the extreme muscle pains it caused in my lower back and some leg muscles. These were so severe that I could barely get out of bed and could not drive safely. Once I stopped, within two weeks I was back to normal.

Comment from: Barbara, 65-74 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: January 05

I was prescribed Crestor (5mg) in 2010 due to problems with Lipitor and Vytorin. My overall health has been on the decline since 2010. I have severe nueropothy (non-diabetic)in my feet and fingers. I am a very active person, 66 years old and was starting to feel like I was ready to die. I have spend thousands of dollars with devices, tests, meds and doctors not to mention the severe pain that I have suffered. I recently read an article concerning statins and paid close attention to the description of misery the writer conveyed. She found that the statins were the culprit and stopped taking her Crestor. This really got my attention. December 27, 2013 was my last dose of the Crestor and I have to admit that the severity of pain in my feet/fingers has greatly decreased, the overall pain in my body has subsided and I no longer feel that my body is "under attack". By stopping the Crestor has allowed me to stop taking another drug, Tramadol, for pain. There you have it...Two drugs out of my system. I have replaced the Crestor with Krill Oil and would rather take my chances with the colestorl that feel like death. I believe that I have my life back!

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Comment from: Maria, 35-44 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: January 31

I have just written a comment earlier today but after reading the reviews I wanted to add alittle more to my situation. My side effects and continuing issues are: edema in my lower extremedies, constant muscle spasms in my legs, confusion, lack of focus, unable to multi-task,dizziness, pain in hips more often then not, trouble sleeping, equalibrium is off, snapping bones but not braking,nervousness and anxiuosness,higher blood pressure,fluid retention in my ankles and feet and sometimes around my eyes,sinus irritation, numbness and tingling. I have worked 40 hrs a week since I was 18!!!! I am 39 now and on long term disability as a result of my issues. I'm LUCKY if I get out of my house once a week!!! As I said in the note I wrote earlier, I took the Crestor for 5months before stopping and all the side effects are still with me. Do the Dr's really follow the FDA instruction????? Mine didnt as I never was told anything about this drug(we put our lives in our Dr's hands). Then I rementioned it to the Dr and he said its not from crestor. If this doesnt sound like Rhabdomyolysis!! If you dont know what it is, look it I strongly encourage everyone to read about what can happen with CRESTOR. Thanks for reading and my email adress is in the prior note from today if you want to respond. Maria Bessette

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Comment from: [email protected], 45-54 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: June 12

My heart Doctor put me on Crestor about a year ago, I have been complaining of muscle cramps since I have been on it, they finally done some blood work on me and it has broken my muscles down and damaged the muscles in the only kidney I have, I went and had glucose tolerance test done and now i'm diabetic.Dont know if it's the crestor causing me to be diabetic or if it caused a false reading,there were days when I could hardly get out of bed I was hurting so bad and then I began to swell all over it was terrible.Ive been off it for 2 days and the swelling is gone but the muscle pain is still there, I hope and pray to GOD I heal from this medicine.How could anyone put you on something that could damage your body so much I don't know but believe me you do not want to take Crestor it's has terrible side effects.I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!

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Comment from: phobson, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: February 19

This medication has been effective in reducing my bad cholesterol and increasing my good cholesterol. However, it seems that the neuropathy and myalgia caused by it is irreversible and had I known the side effects and what to look for when the side effects occured, I would have stopped taking it long ago. I only recently realized this drug was what was causing my problems. My doctor has (was nice enough) to give me samples for the last 1+ year. None of the samples included a leaflet/brochure that outlines possible side effects, so when my muscles ached and I had trouble sleeping or concentrating, I attributed it to stress, over-work, under-work, etc..... I have stopped taking it, but it seems that it is too late for my muscles. They have had permanent damage.

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Comment from: Jo, 65-74 on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: December 27

A small dose of Crestor had a powerful effect on me, causing depression and panic. The cardiologist put me on 5 mg of it as a sort of starter dose. However, a couple of months after beginning it, I noticed I could not get my mind off of negative things; my thoughts always returned to fears and worries. Then I had a debilitating panic attack. It was after some conflict with my daughter, (She and I often argue, but we also have times of agreement and are glad we live near each other.) I woke up one morning terrified of her. I wanted to change the locks on my house and even commit suicide as a way to get away from her once and for all. Thank goodness for the web. I googled "Crestor," "panic attack," and "blog." Immediately a comment appeared from someone who'd had the same panic side effect. Two days after stopping the Crestor, I suddenly realized that I was making plans for the day, looking forward to some things--in other words, my mind had returned to normal. I believe this side effect should not be ranked as anything less than critical or serious. It could end up killing a patient.

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Comment from: Barbara, 45-54 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: August 28

Afer my fourth night on 5 mg of Crestor I began experiencing severe cramps in my lower legs and feet. The cramps distorted the position of my feet.Had to get up 2-3 times a night to walk it off. Thought the cramps was from dehydration ,so drank more water and continued taking the Crestor. On the 7th day the calf and foot cramps were so severe I couldn't walk from one end of our small Mall to the opposite end. I am in very good physical shape and couldn't walk. I had to stop, take off my shoes,sit for awhile and then walk barefoot for over 20 minutes to get some of the cramps out. I drove home and threw out the Crestor. 3 days off the meds and no more cramping. Very scary feeling that so low a dose can have such a severe side-effect! I'm glad I read similar reports from other users.

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Comment from: agatha, 65-74 on Treatment for 2-5 years (Patient) Published: November 08

after 2 1/2 yrs on crestor(plus more yrs on other statins) I read the reviews and knew I could have written them all. Total body pain, fuzzy mind,severe malaise, sleeplessness, constipation,diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, steroid injections for the back pain, foot pain requiring shots in the heels etc., unable to walk 100 ft. without sitting down, severe muscle weakness. Stopped the crestor in July and became a vegetarian. Started 1000mg of niacin and 500mg of garlic daily. One Dr. said it could take 2 yrs to get rid of the side effects and maybe never for some of them. Don't know the numbers yet but I feel almost human again and have regained energy and greatly reduced pain. I'll never take another statin. My Dr. is backing me on all of this and monoriting the alternative treatments

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Comment from: cabl1962, 45-54 Female on Treatment for 1-6 months (Patient) Published: July 07

this drug should be pulled from the market. I have the lowest dosage possible prescribed to take once a day. I have about 10 out all those severe problems with the drugs as outlined in the side effects section. I have stopped taking the drug.

Comment from: tabbi1516!, 45-54 (Patient) Published: March 19

I just filled my perscription today for crestor, i am a person that does not believe in taking medication for my ailments. After reading all the reviews on crestor, I will not be taking it. I will go to my health store and buy a natural supplement to help me lower my cholesterol. thank you all for all of your reviews !

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Comment from: pjrjrjr, 65-74 on Treatment for 6 months - 1 year (Patient) Published: February 09

My doctor had me on 40 mg of Crestor, I took it for a year, was constantly having problems, such pain in lower back, legs hurting, arches of feet hurting, got so bad I could hardly walk, had to push myself up to be able to stand. I kept telling doctor I thought it was Crestor, he did not believe me so I took myself off of the Crestor and within 2 or 3 days, the pain stopped, I could walk normal again, have very little pain. I am very careful in my diet and walk more. I feel so much better. My husband was starting to have leg pains and stopped taking it and his pain has stopped. I would rather be dead than to have to live with all that pain. Will never take Crestor again.

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Comment from: alliance, 45-54 on Treatment for 1-2 years (Patient) Published: December 12

Just went to the Dr.'s this past week and my levels were great. Didn't think to tell him that all these aches and pains were from Crestor. But since reading all these reviews I think it may be do to the Crestor. Don't know what made me look this up to night. Maybe because I can't sleep very long maybe 4 hours at a time. Thought it was post menopause. Wake up tired all the time. Just thought it was because I was getting old. Feel like I am a 102. Numbness at night that wakes me up, started in one arm first now in both. Thought it was my back so have been going to a Chriroprator. When I get up in the morning I am so stiff and ache all over. When I get out of the car I have to stand for a moment and wait before I walk. Lately having light headedness. Can't remember things like I use to. Thought it was just old age. Going to call the Dr Monday morning and stop taking this drug. I think the FDA needs to look at all the reviews on the web not just their clinical trials.

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Comment from: jennie1, 55-64 on Treatment for less than 1 month (Patient) Published: January 14

My doctor prescribed it for me for borderline high cholesterol: said though my numbers weren't that bad, because I'm a diabetic, needed to lower them. I didn't take it until December 14 after diabetic class convinced me I should. Friday 18 while driving my car, had bad chest pain, went to e.r. thinking I was having heart attack. It was not heart attack. Kept taking crestor, about ten days later developed severe leg pain. Had a previously made appointment with cardiologist, told about leg pain; told to see family physician. Couldn't get reasonably soon appt. so went to urgent care. I mean, this is severe pain. Doc at urgent care said stop taking crestor, did some blood tests. I believe crestor is to blame for my chest pain and my leg pain. I think the doctors in U.S. are too much in drug companies pocket and don't care what it does to us as long as they continue to make LOTS of money.

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