Comment from: itworksforme25-34on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: April 23

I Started 4mg on the first day and it knocked me out for 15hrs, so the past 5 days i dropped to 2mg before bed, i'm now eating like a horse and not drowsy! found this just by researching online, now i'm finishing meals and feel hungry all the time! so a big thumbs up to me! 33yrs old, 5ft 11" currently 62kg, aiming for 75kg... i'll update in a month or so!

Comment from: Drew Dent13-18on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: September 05

Before I started, I had been 128 lbs. and 6'1" for the past two or three years of my life. The result of genetics, generally lack of appetite, etc. I then was diagnosed with clinical depression and went from 128 lbs. to 116. My BMI had reached approximately that of an average sufferer of anorexia. When my psychiatrist prescribed cyproheptadine, everything changed. I went from 128 to 170 in six months. The before-and-after photos are unbelievable. This had a major impact on my confidence, self-esteem, and overall wellness. Cyproheptadine works significantly well, and I would highly recommend it to anyone dealing with being underweight. To conclude, let me note that I recently did some research and found that pre-serum Steve Rogers, or as he's better known, Captain America, had a greater BMI than I did before cyproheptadine. Now, I have reached a 22 BMI, which is considered quite healthy. Fantastic medication.

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Comment from: Comet45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: June 15

My son has been taking this for a week due to his weak hunger cues and his weight at 1 percentile for his height and age. After only a week, he went from 80 pounds, where he's been hovering for a year, to 86.3 pounds. I'm so pleased and encouraged. He is much more willing to eat and doesn't say "I'm not hungry" anymore.

Comment from: Mark J13-18on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: April 28

It helped me gain 8 pounds in 4 months, however, i started to make random, jerky movements. My doctor said that it was a common symptom and long-term use can lead to serious damage of the CNS. If you take this drug, only take it in limited sessions (a few months max)

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