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Comment from: Mlb45-54on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: December 03

After 1 month, my mood is a lot better, but my heart rate is fast. I've lost 5 pounds, which losing weight has been very difficult for me. I'm going today to get blood drawn to test the dosage.

Comment from: Tano45-54on Treatment for 10+ years Published: June 21

For more than 10 years I suffered from improper Thyroid drug ( only synthroid) . With Citomel I finally saw the light in the dark tunnel. Taking 150 mcg of synthroid and 12.5 of Cytomel

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Comment from: Mrs. B55-64on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: August 18

2006 Have all signs of hypothroidism, TSH 10.5 Started on Levothyroxine 112 mcg for Hashimotos with nodules 2009 Total Thyroidectomy 2011 started with signs of hypothyroidism again TSH always low 0.19 (ref. range 0.40-4.50) T4 1.5 (ref. range 0.8-1.8) T3 2.5 (ref. range 2.3-4.2) 2015 had sleep study because of wt gain, sleepiness foggybrain--(which was negative) 2017 MD added Cytomel 5mg twice day 5am & 12pm Within 3 days I started to feel a little better, by one month I had more energy and started exercising, losing weight, not as hungry. By 3 months I had lost 12 lbs. sleep much better and feel alert and can concentrate better. Felt a couple heart palpitaions first week of Cytomel Reduced coffee consumption No further palpitations Very satisfied, thank you Lord Jesus.

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