Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: January 26

I was diagnosed with Goodpasture's Syndrome in 2011 and took this drug for 4-5 months orally every day. It made me violently ill and I lost my hair, but it killed the antibodies attacking my kidneys and lungs. My hair came back almost the same. I took 5x 25mg tablets every morning, but because it made me so sick, there were some mornings that I ended up throwing it up, so I'm sure I technically missed some doses. Regardless, this drug did its job.

Comment from: 25-34on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: June 06

I am new to this medication. Literally been talking for 2 days for Nephrotic Syndrome (the only treatment there is for me). I take 75mg daily but alternate months with another medication. I have had severe weakness, tiredness, full body aches, upset stomach, vomiting, bone pain. I read up on all the side effects before I started taking the medication, sadly I didn't think it was hit so quickly. My body isn't used to taking such strong medications. Hopefully the symptoms slow down, and I can actually function during the day.

Comment from: Linzo55-64on Treatment for less than 1 month Published: October 12

Took this drug a week ago. Cant stay awake now. Arms and hands have lost control. Was admitted for high calcium and confusion. Still weak all over and confused.


Medical Editor: John P. Cunha, DO, FACOEP

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