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Comment from: 45-54on Treatment for 10+ years Published: July 13

I have heriditary angio edema and have been on this for 28 years and the side effects are worth living without pain

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Comment from: Steve45-54on Treatment for 6 months to - 1 year Published: April 11

I am a 51 yr old male who had to have back surgery but had a low platelet Dr put me on Danozol for 3 months and my platletes shot back up.....must primary care and other doctors were not aware of this benifit of this drug. so if any one runs across someone in that situation please tell them to talk to there doc.

Comment from: Chris19-24on Treatment for 1-6 months Published: March 07

I got diagnosed with endometriosis earlier in January this year (2018) through laparoscopy surgery. It was so reliving to know that the severe pains I have been having all these years was not in my head, but it was so scary to find out, because my partner and I really want to have children, and I understand that this could affect that later in the future. My gynaecologist recommended that I go on either Lupron (leuprolide) injection, or Danazol capsules for 3months to basically dry up any remains of the disease. Reason being is because they can scrape out as much as possible during surgery, but there might still be a few cells of it left that can multiply again, so in order to give your body an as fresh possible start, these are the best options. And knowing how much I want to have children, she told me it would be the best thing to do, than to be back with a worser stage of it, but of course she left it up to me to decide. After reading all the reviews on the Lupron injection, I was terrified. I understand that some women have no problems with it, but maority have claimed that it has caused osteoporosis in their bodies, and it has ruined their lives. Some claim that it helped them get pregnant in the future, but it ruined their bodies so much that they couldn't even enjoy having kids, and things like breaking bones during pregnancy. It was such a scary decision to make. I decided to go with Danazol on the basis that, it is a steroid based drug as opposed to a hormone based (as hormones screw with my body too much), and I understand that it dries up your estrogen and progesterone, but at least I am not pumping another hormone in my body. I can stop it anytime. And after talking to my friends who are pharmacists, we all sat down and did research and found the bone degrading side effects to have been slightly lesser in Danazol. If I felt that I could feel the effects too much, I would stop straight away. The only downfall is having to diligently take it at the same

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