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Comment from: Robert Lee55-64 Published: August 23

I was living in Philippines in the jungle for many years and infected with some skin fungus i used Itraconazole, and the skin fungus gone (only hands seems like little bobbles) I moved to other country were is not rain and no hot as Phi, the fungus show up after 7 months, took again the Itraconazole, fungus gone, and after two months fungus show up but started to drink Boldo twice a day just for drink and for some reason the fungus stop and gone, the fungus try to come out but stop just left me some marks that is it, i increase to drink boldo and fungus does not come out, i notice that my nails are more pink. I continue to drink boldo, lose weight and fix my problem. I used Boldo made in Peru for tea packs. Box by 24 packs just 0.80 cents, i consume one a month or some time two a month just for two dollars.


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